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Date Titre Project
19 Juin 2019 Euronext announces additional storage capacity for the Miiling Wheat N2 futures contract Products expand
Executive summary:

IF20190619DE - Euronext is increasing storage capacity for the Milling Wheat N°2 Futures contract at La Pallice (Sica Atlantique silos), and Montoir (InVivo silos) delivery points, from the September 2020 delivery month onwards. From the September 2021 delivery month, the Nantes delivery point (InVivo silos) will be fully integrated into the Milling Wheat N°2 Futures contract delivery network. An interim mechanism on the buyer’s option will be available for the Nantes delivery point from September 2020 to September 2021.

17 Juin 2019 Euronext websites launch update General expand
Executive summary:

Euronext delivered content to its new and Euronext Live websites over the weekend as planned, but has maintained the existing website as its principal website. The Connect customer portal has not yet been upgraded. For everyday use, please visit the standard website,, which is considered to be the official source of Euronext information.

14 Juin 2019 New integrated suite of Euronext websites General expand
Executive summary:

Euronext is moving to a new set of websites. From Monday 17 June 2019, choose from for a general overview of our products and services, the Euronext Live website for live market data and related information, and our customer portal Euronext Connect for more detailed information and documentation, including market status alerts.

03 Juin 2019 Update of the LP programme on new Euronext Paris Real Estate futures contract Paris Real Estate expand
Executive summary:

Euronext is updating the Liquidity Provider Programme on its new Paris Real Estate futures contract, to introduce a new incentive. The programme will be effective as from the contract’s go-live date

03 Juin 2019 New futures contract on Paris Real Estate available in production from 6 June 2019 Paris Real Estate expand
Executive summary:

IF 190603DE
Euronext’s new index futures contract on Paris Real Estate will be available for trading in the production environment as from Thursday 6 June 2019, with the contract name PRE. Euronext and LCH SA are offering a full fee holiday to all participants for the first three months.

30 Mai 2019 Temporary Halt on Derivatives Instruments on Thursday 30 May 2019 General expand
Executive summary:

IF20190530CADE - On Thursday 30 May 2019, due to a technical issue with the dissemination of the Euronext market data, trading in Dutch equity derivatives instruments was temporarily halted. Normal market conditions resumed at 13:30 CET, and trading in the relevant derivatives instruments was fully operational again by 13.45 CET. All other products were not impacted.

22 Mai 2019 Publication of Phase 3 Order Entry Gateway Specifications Optiq, Optiq step 3 expand
Executive summary:

Euronext is pleased to publish the Optiq Phase 3 Order Entry Gateway (OEG) Specifications for Euronext Derivatives Markets.

16 Mai 2019 Adjustment of Large-In-Scale pre-trade thresholds for Individual Equity Options in Paris market General expand
Executive summary:

Effective 3 June 2019, Euronext is adjusting the Large-In-Scale minimum volume thresholds applicable to wholesale trading on Individual Equity Options listed on the Paris Market.  

10 Mai 2019 New operational client services desk - Single point of contact for all Trading Participants General expand
Executive summary:

Euronext is launching a new client support desk that will provide a single point of contact for all operational requests from trading participants across the Euronext Markets, covering both  production and test environments. Customers should note the new email address and telephone numbers for any operational request or support within Euronext. The Operational Client Services Desk will be effective as from Monday 13 May 2019. 

30 Avr 2019 Optiq Phase 3 Publication of Documentation Optiq, Optiq step 3 expand
Executive summary:

Euronext is pleased to publish documentation related to Optiq Phase 3 for the Euronext Derivatives Markets.  The Optiq Phase 3 OEG message specifications will be published in May. 

Executive summary:

IF190425DE - Further the Info-Flash of 21 January 2019, Euronext confirms the implementation of the Market Data Gateway (MDG) Segmentation Change for the Derivatives markets in Production on Monday 29 April 2019. This change is the first step for the Optiq Phase 3 migration of Derivatives markets to Optiq.

12 Avr 2019 General Launch of Pack Omega: Pilot scheme for non-members on French Individual Equity options General expand
Executive summary:

Euronext in partnership with LCH SA will launch a new pilot fee scheme on French Individual Equity Options for non-member firms. The scheme will be launched on 1 May 2019 and will last for an initial period of one year. 

11 Avr 2019 Information relating to potential deliveries against Milling Wheat futures contracts General expand
Executive summary:

IF20190411_DE - Euronext brings members’ attention to the information issued today by Simarex, which owns one of the delivery silos for Euronext’s Milling Wheat futures contract, advising of a potential restriction in reception of goods at Rouen silo between 15 April 2019 and 15 March 2020.  

28 Mar 2019 Change to Inbound Order Throttle Amsterdam Equity and ETF Options - Step 2 General expand
Executive summary:

As from Wednesday 10 April 2019, Euronext will allow more bandwidth for Individual Equity Options and ETF Options listed on the Amsterdam Derivatives Market by changing the inbound order throttle setting from 6 to 8 messages per second. 

21 Mar 2019 Delisting of AtomX Flex Derivatives Contracts General expand
Executive summary:

Euronext listed flexible derivatives contracts, currently available via the AtomX trade capture service only, will be delisted in Production as from Monday 25 March 2019.

14 Mar 2019 Adjustment Premium Based Tick Size threshold of a subset of Individual Equity Option classes General expand
Executive summary:

Euronext informs clients that the Premium Based Tick Size threshold will be adjusted for the Individual Equity Options Classes on shares of Adyen (option trading symbol: ADY), IMCD (IMD), Altice Europe (ATC) and Signify (PLT), as from Monday 18 March 2019. 

08 Mar 2019 Decommissioning of AtomX trade capture service General expand
Executive summary:

Euronext will decommission its trade capture service also known as AtomX, which will no longer be available after 31 May 2019.

06 Mar 2019 Exchange holiday for Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish Single Stock Futures on expiry day in May/June General expand
Executive summary:

Euronext informs clients that trading of Danish and Norwegian SSFs will be closed on the May 2019 expiry day (17 May 2019) and that trading of Finnish and Swedish SSFs will be closed on the June 2019 expiry day (21 June 2019).

04 Mar 2019 Series introduction policy - Commodity Options Products expand
Executive summary:

IF190418DE - This Info-Flash updates members on a change to the Series On Request Policy for Commodity Options Contracts, and the revised Commodity Options Contracts Series Policy, effective from 1 October 2019.
Members are invited to provide feedback to Euronext before 30 April 2019 if the proposed change to the intraday series and/or series policy causes any issues.

28 Fév 2019 Optiq phase 3 Derivatives Markets – Migration Guidelines and updated ‘How the market works’ document Optiq expand
Executive summary:

IF190228DE - Euronext is pleased to announce the publication of a first version of the Migration Guidelines for Optiq Phase 3 for the Derivatives Markets. The document includes guidelines and checklists for the Order Entry Gateway, Matching Engine and Market Data Gateway modules. Additionally, the updated version of the ‘How the Market Works’ document is now available.