FamilyShare answers your specific needs as a family business


FamilyShare is unique training programme dedicated to family businesses with the aim of guiding you through the most relevant funding options for your ambitions. It covers valuable topics such as preserving capital, integrating the next generation and protecting reputation.


Who is it for?

FamilyShare is a relevant programme for your company if you have aspirations to grow and you would like to understand how the financial markets could meet your financial and familial needs.

With a 360° approach, FamilyShare enables the executives, shareholders and family members to discover how financial markets can answer your growth ambitions.


Finance your growth, provide liquidity and raise profile 


Ensure your legacy and plan for succession


Build the company’s value over time

Understand all the benefits of going public

The Format


Leading experts on the difficulties encountered by family businesses


Personalised coaching for every family member enrolled in the programme


Tailored and confidential support for each company

The programme

Overall, the programme is spread over 5 to 10 months with several coaching sessions (about 4 to 5 workshop). FamilyShare sessions are organized within the company or at the partner's site. Active in our core countries, the agenda may slightly vary from one country to another. Check special features of each programme in the dedicated brochures.


The Netherlands

What you'll learn

  • Financial Planning and Strategy
  • Transitioning and motivating the next generation
  • Corporate Governance
  • Capital structuring
  • Handling financial communication

The discussion topics are customised and adapted to your business plan, your history and your issues.

From FamilyShare to the financial markets


Cogelec, the first company in the FamilyShare Programme to go public, raised €38.7 Millon in June 2018

"Thanks to this training, we were able to demystify the stock market and answer this question: in a context of strong growth in our activity, is this tool right for us ?"

- Roger Leclerc, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Cogelec


The Casais Group launched a bond issue of 18.5 million euros.

Currently operating in 16 countries, Casais was created in 1958 and is today, one of the largest companies in the construction sector in Portugal, always maintaining the family spirit.

Main motivations of the applicants

We are committed to remaining financially independent in the long term, and to having the means to finance our business projects while respecting the DNA of our family Group.
One of our major motivations in joining FamilyShare was the fact that it covers the integration of the new generation (under 25 years old in our case) who are gradually preparing to enter the business and eventually take over the reins in all the areas covered by the training.
We want to keep control of the company, and we believe that it is possible to do so without having a majority shareholding. An initial public offering seems to make this possible by ensuring the transference and continuity of the company under an independent management team, while satisfying our growth and development objectives.

Apply to FamilyShare

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