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VPS Issuer services

Our shareholder registry application (VIS) provides you access to a streamlined company portal, where you can access an automatically updated overview of current and historical shareholders on your company and much more.

  • Five year history on your shareholders
  • Full transaction history
  • Corporate Action information – on investor level
  • Direct communication with your shareholders
  • Updated daily

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More than a thousand issuers already use our service and are enjoying:

VPS Computer

Complete and daily updated overview of shareholders


VPS Certificate

Automatic tax reporting for companies and their shareholders

VPS Moneybag

Easier access to new capital through institutional investors


Direct communication

How are you talking to your investors today?

Not all investors are active in the marked. How do you ensure they are updated on your business today? We offer services that provides an upload of your information onto your area in VPS Issuer Services. From there we will distribute your information to all current shareholders. Is the information privileged? Not to worry. The information is placed on the investors own area in Euronext Securities Oslo which require login.

  • Reduce postal cost
  • Get current information in to the investors hands faster
  • Reduce the use of paper and contribute to meet the company ESG goals

Shareholder ID

Have you identified all your investors?

The Investor registry in Norway is public. However, many investors chose to invest on nominee accounts, making it difficult for the issuers to see exactly who has positions in their company. Euronext offers a service to uncover these investors and also does analysis on your shareholder structure, giving you the overview and time to see hostile takeovers coming, prepare you for your roadshows and much more.

  • A tailor-made shareholder analysis
  • Identification of beneficial owners

See more about this service as well as other issuer directed services on Euronext Corporate Services page


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Nicholas A. Schulz

Head of Equity Services, Euronext Securities Oslo