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Transaction monitoring


Are you looking for a comprehensive and automated solution to monitor millions of financial transactions? Look no further! Our modern and innovative platform makes it easy to set up custom thresholds, identify suspicious activity and optimize business operations.

Transaction Monitoring is a product that helps financial institutions and companies in the financial market automate the process of monitoring millions of financial transactions that occur daily. With Transaction Monitoring, users can set up custom alerts for specific transactions, such as large purchases or international transactions, and receive notifications whenever these types of activities occur. They can also view a comprehensive overview of their financial activity, including a history of all their transactions and the ability to drill down into specific transactions for more detailed analysis. Don’t miss out on this game-changing product – request a demo today!

Elevate your transaction intelligence with Transaction Monitoring

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The service provides its users the opportunity to customize their output as they see fit, making the system suitable to cover a substantial amount of different user cases.


Every securities transaction in on place

Transaction Monitoring provides a comprehensive view of all transactions on your entire investor base. This intuitive service makes it easy for you to get a clear understanding of financial activity and make informed decisions about potential risks and opportunities.


Comply with regulatory requirements

Financial institutions and companies are often required to comply with various regulations, such as anti-money laundering laws and counter-terrorism financing regulations. Transaction Monitoring can help companies automate the process of compliance, ensuring that they are meeting all relevant requirements connected to surveillance of securities transactions.



Fraud detection and prevention

Fraud is a major concern for financial institutions and companies, and Transaction Monitoring can help identify suspicious activity.


A step towards a more holistic view on clients

Banks have had more and more control in terms of their customers money transaction the last couple of years. By activating Transaction Monitoring they can now get a long awaited increased overview of their customers financial situation.


Stian Paulsen - Euronext Securities Oslo

Stian Paulsen

Customer Experience Manager, Euronext Securities Oslo