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The CSD network connecting European economies to global capital markets
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Euronext Securities

Transforming the European post-trade industry

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Euronext Securities is the new name for Euronext’s CSD activity, uniting the four CSDs that now make up the Euronext CSD network: Euronext VPS (Norway), Interbolsa (Portugal), Monte Titoli (Italy), VP Securities (Denmark).

Euronext Securities is the Euronext CSD network connecting European economies to global capital markets.

We provide secure and resilient settlement and custody solutions and a portfolio of services to support our clients along the entire value chain. At the heart of the market infrastructure, we offer market participants an improved experience by streamlining operations and processes across our CSDs, supported by our continuously evolving technology. We ensure that we meet our clients’ needs by combining our global reach with multi-local, European expertise.

A leading network of European CSDs

Euronext’s Securities is now Europe’s third-largest CSD operator with:

€6,344 billion

 of assets under custody.


settlement instructions processed

€7,800 billion

amount settled



Products & services

Euronext Securities provides issuance services to issuers and their agents, custody & settlement services to financial institutions and delivers a range of value-added services to customers.


Meeting issuers’ funding needs

Businesses, financial institutions and the public sector can issue their securities through Euronext Securities. 

Meet your funding needs through access to: 

  • a large investor reach 
  • a wide range of asset classes (shares, bonds, structured products, etc.) 
  • our local issuing agent services handling issuances, corporate actions such as dividend payments, etc. 

Supporting the capital markets

As a leading provider of clearing, settlement and custody infrastructure we support:

  • central bank money settlement in EUR, DKK, NOK, SEK and commercial bank money settlement in multiple additional currencies
  • segregated and omnibus accounts
  • wide range of options to connect (settlement agents, account operators, hybrid models, direct through asset services, etc.)
  • access to international securities across numerous markets through Euronext Securities Milan investor CSD

Ancillary services

We deliver a wide range of ancillary services to facilitate market participants’ operations:

  • securing correct calculation and reclaiming of tax with a wide range of tax services covering reporting, statements, etc.
  • supporting issuers with issuing agent services, identification of investors, virtual general meeting solutions and a wide range of IR related solutions
  • providing data on holdings, settlement, investor statistics or more specific regulatory reporting

Introducing Euronext Securities


Whether you are an issuer or a financial institution, Euronext supports you with efficient and robust issuance, custody and settlement services across European markets, a wide range of asset classes and multiple currencies


Pierre Davoust - Head of CSDs

Pierre Davoust

Head of CSDs

+33 1 70 48 24 60