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Our business areas

equity-and-equities-services ES-OSL

Equities and Equity Certificates

Our services provide companies with safe and efficient access to the Norwegian capital market, reduce their administrative burdens, and may be the first step in preparing a future listing on the stock exchange.

debt-funds-and-etps ES-OSL

Debt, Funds and ETPs

Our services provide safe and efficient issuance of fixed income instruments, mutual funds, and exchange traded products (ETPs).

settlement ES-OSL


The central securities system for settlement in Norwegian kroner (VPO NOK) is based on Euronext Securities Oslo carrying out multilateral netting and clearing of the trades that are notified for settlement on the agreed settlement date.

safekeeping-asset-management ES-OSL

Safekeeping and Asset Servicing

As a financial market infrastructure, Euronext Securities Oslo has since 1985 performed/offered key services for the Norwegian financial market.