OEG ME Cash Phase 2 : OE Session Provisioning

All members using the new Optiq OEG ME Cash trading system are required to order their Optiq Cash OE Sessions for Production prior to 15 December 2017.
Please note that:

- ASPs and ISVs are not able to order sessions for Production as ordering is under the responsibility of the member.

- Ordering is available using the following forms. Forms can only be completed by a nominated Member Connectivity Administrator (MCA). Any customer without an MCA account should contact the Customer Access Services (CAS) team for more information (see contact details below)

After submitting an order, logins will be communicated to customers prior to the opening of the Production environment to allow connectivity testing.
If you have problems to access the forms or questions before submitting the form(s) please contact:

Euronext CAS team
Phone: +33 1 85 148 589
Email: cas@euronext.com