MDG PHASE 1: Connectivity form to EUA and PRODUCTION environments

The migration strategy chosen means that there will be different EUA environments running in parallel: MDG testing will begin on a new virtual EUA (V-EUA) in November 2016, then clients will connect to the existing physical EUA (P-EUA) environment in March 2017 for connectivity testing, and April 2017 for further testing, such as failover and mandatory conformance testing. Then, clients will finally connect to the PRODUCTION environment in April 2017

Customers will need to implement the appropriate connectivity details for V-EUA as of November 2016, followed by connectivity to the P-EUA in March 2017 and PRODUCTION in April 2017. All connectivity details for V-EUA and P-EUA are already available in both PDF and XML machine-readable format, in the Optiq documentation section of the Euronext website and the file server (all configuration details, IPs, Ports, Login and Password to MDG V-EUA File services are available on the welcome page of your MCA account). PRODUCTION connectivity details are available in PDF in the Optiq documentation section and will also be available in XML machine-readable format.

Clients must confirm their network connectivity access to the MDG channels on the P-EUA environment using the connectivity form available below.  Optiq MDG connectivity testing will be mandatory for all member developers and technology providers with SFTI connectivity. Clients using a mixed in-house and provider solution for market data will, however, need to validate connectivity testing on their in-house developed solution.

P-EUA Connectivity testing started in March 2017. We invite customers to fill in the P-EUA connectivity form by 12 April 2017. To confirm their connectivity, customers need to receive at least the “Start Of Day” (1101) messages (broadcasted every 2 seconds on each channel)

This form can only be filled by the nominated MCAs of each company. Once it is filled, the form still can be modified.

If you do not have an MCA account, please  contact the Customer Access Services. (Email: / Phone: +33 1 85 148 589)


V-EUA (Nov 2016)

P-EUA (Mar 2017)

PROD (Apr 2017)


Connectivity form V-EUA

Connectivity form P-EUA

Connectivity form PROD