Optiq FAQ

The Optiq FAQ section will be updated regularly

What is Optiq?
Optiq is an enhanced, multi-market trading platform, providing customers with maximum flexibility, simplified and harmonized messaging as well as high performance and stability.
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Who will benefit from Optiq?
Euronext’s customers trading on Equities, ETFs, Bonds, Warrants and Certificates, TCS, AtomX and Derivatives Markets. More details
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When will Optiq be implemented?
Optiq will be rolled out in a phased implementation process, beginning in November 2016. More Optiq timetable and implementation

How will the implementation of Optiq be synchronized with the implementation of MiFID II requirements on UTP?
The market data infrastructure will be migrated first, followed by the migration of cash to the new order entry and matching engine modules, which include all mandatory MiFID II requirements.
MiFID II compliance for derivatives order entry and matching engine modules will be delivered on UTP.

Will there be a latency difference between the three market data packages, specifically the 'Shaped' and 'Unshaped' data?
Latency figures will be available closer to the implementation date of MDG, though we can  confirm that customers will have access to a significantly more optimized, efficient and stable market data feed. Also, MDG is designed with dedicated packages for each type of client connectivity, in order to make full use of available bandwidth and message-processing capacity.

What type of data will be available in the External User Acceptance (EUA) environment, prior to the production implementation?
Customers will have access to test data on MDG during the test phase from November '16 to May '17. There will be dress rehearsals, however, during which clients will have access to real-time Production data over production channels.

How will client support and readiness be managed throughout the Optiq Migration?
We aim to support all clients though this transition in a consultative manner by being inclusive at every step. This would include regular face to face meetings. A regular news briefing which will advise clients as to our progress. Also, a dedicated OPTIQ support desk is available for all testing support throughout the migration process, with progressive ramp up until end of June 2016. Migration guidelines will be available, as well, to facilitate client planning and testing.