Euronext announces quarterly review results of the PSI 20

Lisbon – 7th June 2018 – Euronext today announced the results of the quarterly review for the  PSI 20®. The changes due to the review will be effective from Monday 18 June, 2018.

Results of the Quarterly Review


No changes in the composition of the index.

Inclusion of:

Exclusion of:



The compiler retains the right to change the published selection, for instance in case of a removal due to a take-over, till the publication of the final data after close of Wednesday 13 June 2018.

All events happening after that date will not lead to a replacement of the selected company that possibly needs to be removed from the final selection.

Review PSI 20®

The PSI 20 is reviewed quarterly in June, September and December. The full annual review is in March.

The quarterly reviews serve to facilitate inclusion of recently listed companies and other eligible non constituents that rank 15th or better. Furthermore constituents whose ranking has become lower than 25th will be removed. Possibly eligible non constituents are added in order to maintain at least 18 constituents in the index.

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