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Post trade: Delay on transactions processing for a subset of instruments

12:58 CET 12 Mar 2019
Post tradeEuronext Cash Markets Equities Member Notification

Dear members,

Due to an incorrect parameter setting on trading groups 13 (Double Auction), E1 (Euronext Growth - Double Auction) and E2 (Euronext Growth – Continuous) on the Euronext Cash Markets, Euronext is facing a delay in the processing of transactions towards our post trade partner LCH. All related transaction messages (M1) from yesterday (11-03-2019)  and today (12-03-2019) are currently being held in a queue and will be processed after today’s trading session.

Apart from the above, trading on Euronext Cash and Derivatives markets are taking place as normal.

Euronext sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience this may cause, please do not hesitate to contact Euronext Market Services at all times.