Complaints process Euronext Securities Markets

Euronext reminds its members that they should follow specific procedures when raising claims regarding the operation of the Euronext Securities Markets (as defined in the Euronext Rules).

These procedures provide guidance on how and when to file a claim, depending on the circumstances. Non-compliance with the procedures may prevent Euronext from duly instructing a claim, thus potentially delaying the investigation of the claim and a decision being reached. In an extreme case, it could lead to the claim being time-barred.

Claims should always be submitted in writing and should be filed as close as possible to the event giving rise to the claim, ideally within 6 weeks of the event.

All complaints duly received will be investigated by Euronext, which reserves the right to require the complainant to provide further information upon request. A failure to do so may lead to the complaint being rejected.

The complainant will be advised of the outcome of the investigation, and the consequent decision, as soon as practicable.

Complaints relating to the Euronext Securities Markets should be sent in writing to:

Head of Operations Euronext Markets
14, place des Reflets
92054 Paris La Défense Cedex