About Optiq

What is Optiq?

  • Optiq is a new enhanced, multi-market trading platform, providing customers with maximum flexibility, simplified and harmonized messaging as well as high performance and stability

Who will benefit from Optiq?

  • Anyone connected to Euronext, trading on Euronext (on Equities, ETFs, Bonds, Warrants and Certificates, TCS, AtomX and Derivatives Markets) or providing connectivity, trading software or market data to Euronext (trading members, ISV’s, ASP’s, Market Data Vendors …) will benefit from this major upgrade

Why is Euronext moving to Optiq?

The move to Optiq will allow Euronext to:

  • Deliver an enhanced multi-market trading platform
  • Continue to maintain fairness on the trading platform 
  • Ensure compliance with MiFID II regulation
  • Provide customers with a simplified and flexible system allowing shorter time-to-market to deliver new initiatives and implement customers’ requests while creating an opportunity to reduce administrative costs
  • Leverage the latest technology to ensure high reliability and to significantly enhance throughput and predictable latency