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Datum Titel
17 jan 2019 Euronext Brussels Awards 2018 expand
16 jan 2019 Euronext presents the second edition of its report on CAC 40 and SBF 120 shareholder profiles expand
14 jan 2019 Euronext announces the launch of its cash tender offer for Oslo Børs VPS expand
09 jan 2019 Baikowski® lists on Euronext Growth expand
08 jan 2019 Euronext announces volumes for December 2018 expand
Datum Company name ISIN code Locatie Market
08-feb-2019 SCIENCE4YOU S.A. PTSCY0AM0003 Lissabon Euronext Growth
27-dec-2018 BAIKOWSKI FR0013384369 Parijs Euronext Growth
24-dec-2018 FLEXDEAL SIMFE S.A. PTFXD0AM0018 Lissabon Euronext
21-dec-2018 PREDILIFE FR0010169920 Parijs Euronext Growth
19-dec-2018 LLEIDA.NET ES0105089009 Parijs Euronext Growth
04-dec-2018 MND FR0011584549 Parijs Euronext Growth
30-nov-2018 VOGO S.A. FR0011532225 Parijs Euronext Growth
28-nov-2018 BLUE SHARK POWER SYSTEM S.A. FR0013340973 Parijs Euronext Access
17-okt-2018 NEOEN S.A. FR0011675362 Parijs Euronext
16-okt-2018 FARMINVESTE SGPS S.A. PTFNV1AM0002 Lissabon Euronext Access




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