As a leading European operator of financial markets and a provider of trading technologies, Euronext has established a MiFID II programme to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements whilst assisting our customers through the delivery of new services.

Looking for something specific? This resources section is your place to start. Dedicated to helping our customers, this is simply another valuable information-sharing service provided by Euronext. Whether you are looking for specific statistical data or a rundown of the latest listing and trading fees, the Euronext resource library has got it covered. Updated daily, this section is where you will find all the educational, historical and technical information you need to better understand Euronext.

Rules & Regulation

Rules & Regulation for All Euronext markets and products.  Rules & Regulation

Reports & Statistics

Our statistical reports provide traders and issuers with vital information about market activity. Find a wide range of quality market data on Euronext Cash and Derivatives Markets, all designed to enable you to make better informed trading decisions.  Report & Statistics