CAC 40 Key Points

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Key points

  • The CAC 40 shareholders were classified according to 11 categories: asset managers, family and founders, individual investors, employees, industrial investors, French State, foreign sovereign funds, financial institutions, pension funds (active management), treasury shares and investment companies.
  • Asset managers increased their holdings in the CAC 40® by 22% between end 2012 and end 2016. By the end of 2016, asset managers held investments totalling €350 billion in CAC 40® companies, through approximately 15,000 funds, accounting for more than a quarter of the index’s shareholding.
  • Families and founders represented approximately 10% of total CAC 40® shareholders, with a total worth of €135 billion at the end of 2016.
  • Individual shareholders’ weight in companies with published data decreased from end 2012 to end 2016, while employee shareholders remained constant at 3.5%.
  • The French government held 3% of the CAC 40 at end 2016, a sharp decrease from end 2012.
  • Foreign states own approximately 2.7% of the CAC 40® shareholding. Norway represented half of all foreign sovereign shareholdings, or 1.6% of the CAC 40®.

Top Ten CAC 40 Shareholders in 2016

Top Ten CAC 40 Shareholders in 2016

Study based on 60% of identifiable CAC 40 shareholders