Listing sponsors /advisors are banks or independent advisors that play a support role in the listing of companies on our markets. They are accredited by Euronext, and their special status and presence are designed to enhance investor confidence.

Prior to any listing, a certain amount of legal “housekeeping” and preparation is required to ensure that shares are suitable for listing, that the company complies with relevant legal requirements, and that current and future investor needs are met.

The listing sponsor / advisor is a key player for the company and investors, and acts as the primary contact for Euronext.

The appointment of a listing sponsor / advisor by the issuer is mandatory for an admission to listing on Euronext Growth, Euronext Access and Euronext Access+ and Euronext Dublin. You must retain a listing sponsor or advisor at all times if you are listed on Euronext Access+ , Euronext Growth and Euronext Dublin.


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