Finance your ambitions with IPOready

Are you looking to enhance your skillsets for scaling your company and raising strategic finance?

Join IPOready, a leadership programme for executives. Financing is the fuel for your business' growth and IPOready is specifically designed to give you the skillset to do this: 
  • Get your company funding ready
  • Understand the sources of funding available
  • Prepare for listing
IPOready is part of Euronext’s pre-IPO product offering. This leadership programme for executives is available to companies in the Nordics. The programme is the supported by our local partners Crux, Pareto Securities, PwC and Thommessen.

Format of the programme

IPOready provides three modules of knowledge sharing:

  • academic campuses
  • workshop sessions
  • and individual coaching

From February to June, participants will attend

  • European events
  • local group sessions
  • as well as one-to-one trainings for customised advice
IPOready Norway - Format of the programme

What will I learn by participating?

IPOready participants will gain knowledge of:

  • How the capital markets work and how your company can use them practically and efficiently
  • How to develop your capital market strategy and the use of different financing sources available to publicly listed companies
  • How to report and communicate with investors and other stakeholders and raise your business' public profile
  • How to plan, prepare and structure your business to get ready to attract investors and raise new capital,

as well as a strong network of investors, advisors and entrepreneurs. 



Who can take part?

Companies with growth ambitions and a clear strategy that:

• Are likely to consider a stock exchange listing within 1 - 3 years
• Can commit two senior executives (typically CEO, CFO, founder) for the duration of the programme

IPOready Norway - Who can participate


Information and application

Apply online for our next programme and we will be in touch with you directly on dates for the next intake.

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