Euronext FX

Cutting-edge FX trading

Cutting-edge FX trading

Euronext FX is an Electronic Communication Network (ECN) for spot FX and precious metals trading, powered by FastMatch® technology, and acquired by Euronext in 2017.


Its cutting-edge and award-winning technology provides the ECN with unparalleled speed, as Euronext FX is recognised as the fastest ECN for spot FX trading. It offers deep pools of diversified and bespoke liquidity, flexible matching, unique order types, and enhanced transparency.
Euronext operates four matching engines across the globe in New York, London, Tokyo and Singapore (Singapore targeted for launch in Q4 2019).

Key Products & Services
  • Cutting-edge technology and market-leading speed
  • Bespoke liquidity provision: granular control of anonymous and disclosed interactions
  • Flexible Matching’: proprietary smart order router providing data intelligence-driven execution
  • Support for multiple trading protocols and unique order types
  • Post-trade execution analytics providing maker/taker metrics
  • Fully transparent ECN in terms of matching speeds, volumes and prices published on the company website
  • Key feature: Sponsored Access: allows buy-side clients to access the ECN via 3rd party bank algo providers
  • Centralised streaming service, providing real time aggregated FX last trade data from a variety of contributors
  • Creates a transparent and public reference point, and aims at helping to measure and achieve best execution

Euronext FX offers customizable Real Time & Historical Spot FX Market Data from the ECN.


Euronext FX offers various customizable white-labelling instances of our technology solutions.


About Euronext FX

Euronext FX is an Electronic Communication Network (ECN) for foreign exchange trading. Powered by FastMatch® technology, Euronext FX offers customers access to large pools of diversified and bespoke liquidity, transparency, flexibility in trading protocols and unique order types. Its award-winning technology provides Euronext FX clients with unparalleled speed and the capacity to handle simultaneously thousands of clients, including financial institutions, banks, asset managers, hedge funds, proprietary trading firms and retail brokers.

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Euronext has expanded its product offering to global Foreign Exchange markets, thanks to the acquisition of FastMatch,
the fastest growing ECN in the spot FX market.

Datum Titel
16 apr 2019 Euronext’s Fastmatch becomes Euronext FX expand
14 aug 2018 Euronext announces acquisition of additional interest in FastMatch expand
21 nov 2017 FastMatch opens up FX tape to general public expand
02 nov 2017 FastMatch opens Greenwich, CT office expand
25 sep 2017 FastMatch launches FX Tape expand
14 aug 2017 Euronext closes acquisition of FastMatch expand
23 mei 2017 Euronext to acquire FastMatch and expand into global FX markets expand

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