Morningstar European indices MAIN PT2

The offering includes two new Morningstar Indexes  and associated derivative instruments tradable at Euronext. Morningstar’s open index licensing model makes index benchmarking available at no cost and enables parties to create ETFs and ETPs at very low cost. This offering responds to the market’s growing needs for cheaper alternatives, increased transparency within the new MIFID II regulation and heightened competition.  In January 2018, Euronext launched futures contracts on the Morningstar Eurozone 50 Index. Futures on the Morningstar Developed Markets 100 Index will follow soon

Morningstar European indices diagram

The indices are built for asset managers, insurance companies, consultants, wealth platforms, advisor networks, discount brokerages, retirement plans providers, sponsors, ETF issuers, banks and trading desks.

  • Free equity beta indices when used for benchmarking.
  • Free constituent holdings on a monthly basis.
  • A competitive licensing fee for investment product creation.
  • Aggressively limited fixed fee levels to license the indices to create bank structured products.

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