Becoming an ASP

To manage the access to the Euronext European Cash Markets, an ASP must have a well-defined legal IT entity, which will need to complete the following:

  1. Sign the Service Provider Agreement (SPA). This legal document covers the rights and obligations of Euronext and the newly accredited ASP.

    For a copy of the SPA please contact Client Coverage Centre (CCC) at

For each member firm it hosts, the ASP must:

  1. Fill out a Notice of Use document and have it signed by the member. This document grants the ASP the right to manage the infrastructure on behalf of the member.
  2. Request order entry sessions (SLEs) on behalf of the member by filling in the CCG order form for both the External User Acceptance (EUA) test platform and the production platform.
  3. Email both signed documents to EMS Customer Access Support (CAS), at For more information, call +33 1 8514 8589.