Euronext’s derivatives trade capture service


An alternative to OTC: the wholesale facility for institutional clients. Report bespoke contracts to a regulated market for central clearing

Euronext now offers an enhanced solution for clients currently trading bilaterally.  Maintain bespoke contract features to meet trading objectives accurately, then benefit from central clearing alongside positions in standard contracts.

Trade with:

  • Bespoke expiry date
  • Bespoke strike price
  • European or American style options
  • Physical or cash settlement 

Trades reported via AtomX are cleared by LCH SA alongside other Euronext derivatives business, providing efficiency for market participants who trade a mix of bespoke and standard contracts. 

AtomX offers:

  • A simple way to report bilaterally negotiated trades to the exchange
  • The efficiency and security of a regulated market
  • Flexible, bespoke trading opportunities as well as reporting of large-in-size standard trades
  • Efficient portfolio margining of flex and standard positions on the same underlying
  • Connectivity via web-based GUI or dedicated API

Fast Facts

What is AtomX?

The AtomX trade capture service complements Euronext’s existing wholesale services. The simple access model and added functionality provide more benefits to clients of Euronext derivatives.  

Why use AtomX?

Benefit from flexible, bespoke trading, offering a new way to report bilaterally negotiated trades while enjoying the efficiency and security of a regulated market with central clearing. 

Who is AtomX for?

AtomX is for professional investors who execute a portion of their derivatives business via voice or RFQ platforms. The flexible nature of the platform means Euronext can provide a broader product offering to this client base in a more effective way. 

AtomX Contacts

If you trade bespoke European equity derivatives, consider using our efficient new service to support your trading. To find out more about AtomX, contact:

Get in touch via our contact form

Contact the team:

Amsterdam and Brussels
Marcel Walther +31 20 721 4261

Charlotte Alliot +33 1 70 48 28 43

Head of Financial Derivatives:
Adam Rose +31 20 721 4254