Euronext Funds Services

Expand your investment opportunities by investing in mutual funds.

Euronext Fund Services

Expand your investment opportunities by investing in mutual funds. Funds trading is now as easy as trading equities, bonds, ETFs, warrants, certificates, or derivatives. Institutional and retail customers can simply contact their broker. Euronext Fund Services offers investors across the globe an automated and STP process.

  • Invest easily in mutual funds (UCITS and AIFs) managed by professional asset managers and listed on Euronext Paris and Euronext Amsterdam. Funds listed on Euronext Dublin will soon be included.
  • Euronext Fund Services is a primary market/NAV trading platform. It enables you to buy and sell funds by sending subscription/redemption orders via a Euronext member broker.
  • Your broker will handle the entire order routing procedure. From registration to the fund share class, up to settlement/delivery.
Euronext fund service

Euronext Fund Services

Why invest in funds with Euronext


Facilitated order execution and broker on-boarding processes:

  • Clients of Euronext member brokers can start trading immediately
  • If you are not a client, simply open an account with a Euronext member broker, and then benefit from the same order entry and settlement/delivery processes for all the exchange products you invest in
  • No need to fill in a KYC form or open an additional account


  • Choose your preferred funds with the free Morningstar fund data and selection tool. Designed especially for Euronext Fund Services
  • The funds are compliant with the latest MiFID II regulatory requirements on the transparency of fees

Protects investors

  • No retrocessions
  • Broker-neutral: leverage an unbiased service from our member brokers
  • A safe exchange market model and a post-trade environment under the Euroclear CSD

List of tradable funds

Morningstar Fund Data tool

Select your funds using the free Morningstar funds selection tool available on the Live Markets website.

Euronext Funds Directory

Discover the funds listed on Euronext in our Funds Directory

Brokers list for Euronext Fund Services

Is your broker on the Euronext member brokers list? If so, contact them to invest in funds through Euronext Fund Services. If not, you can open an account with one of the member brokers listed below. 

More information

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