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Are you familiar with our services and how we can assist you in your day-to-day business?

Becoming registered in Euronext Securities Oslo gives you access to the wide range of solutions provided by the Euronext Group. We empower companies with cutting-edge solutions and tailormade advisory services at every stage of their securities journey.


Become Euronext VPS registered


More than a thousand issuers already use our service and are enjoying:

VPS Computer

Complete and daily updated overview of shareholders

VPS Certificate

Automatic tax reporting for companies and their shareholders

VPS Moneybag

Easier access to new capital through institutional investors

An easier day with more overview and insight


VPS Issuer Services

Our one-stop-shop application

Our shareholder registry application (VIS) provides access to a streamlined company portal, where you can access an automatically updated overview of current and historical shareholders on your company and much more.

  • Five year history on your shareholders
  • Full transaction history
  • Corporate Action information – on investor level
  • Direct communication with your shareholders
  • Updated daily

Automatic Tax Reporting

Busy enough at years end?

Focus on your core business and let us sort our tax reporting for you. We offer a complete tax service offering that enables our customers to spend time on what they do best, while letting us handle their tax matters. Check out our comprehensive selection of tax services and find what you need to excel.

  • Reporting on all types of securities account given your shareholder the possibility to place their holding as they see fit
  • We handle most securities and can report on any securities depots
  • Any foreign investors as shareholders? Don’t worry, we got you covered
ES-OSL Tax Services
ES-CPH Raise capital

Attract Big Money

Ever get turned down by big investors?

Many institutional and big investors has policies that require the security to be CSD-registered before an investment can be made. Even though the investors believe in your company and strategy, many will look elsewhere because you are “an unsecure” investment.
By registering your company in Euronext Securities Oslo, you can attract these investors and grow your business.

  • Get bigger investors
  • Attract foreign investors
  • Enjoy hassle free tax reporting on all types of investors
  • Save time and money by communicating directly with your shareholders

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Nicholas A. Schulz

Head of Equity Services, Euronext Securities Oslo