Monte Titoli has always been committed to offering its Clients the best technical and operational solutions to generate economies and foster synergies to benefit the entire settlement process and service level.

With the onset of the T2S platform, Monte Titoli has sought to help its Clients gain a better understanding of the T2S settlement costs and hereafter makes available an analysis it has produced in this regard.

The analysis shows that ECB settlement costs recharged to Monte Titoli are 20% lower than the ones recharged to all the other CSD participants on the settlement platform.

CSDs in T2S Table

Net MT Cost index
Gross MT Cost index

Monte Titoli cost index

Monte Titoli provides the publication of the “Monte Titoli Cost Index”, enabling Clients to analyse the cost of Monte Titoli's domestic services. This innovative index is designed to support Clients in analysing their costs with the utmost simplicity and transparency.

The aim of the index is to provide intermediary clients with a summary indicator of the average cost for the custody and settlement of domestic securities centralised and held at Monte Titoli.


T2S & Monte Titoli cost analysis table


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