Key Contacts Registration

Key Membership Contacts

Every member of the Euronext markets must identify a set of key contacts during its application process to the Euronext Markets, as specified in the Euronext Rule Book I(rule 2202 and 2401 (ix)) and Euronext Trading Procedures (art 3.1). Both Cash and Derivatives members are now required to identify at least one Authorised Representative (AR) and two Responsible Persons (RP) per member firm.

Authorised Representative (AR)

  • Contact for legal/regulatory information and any legal/regulatory issues, responsible for disseminating information received from Euronext within the member firm and in charge of the identification/replacement of the Responsible Persons.
  • Generally Compliance Officer, COO or CEO.
  • Members must identify “at least one or no more than five Authorised Representatives” (Notice 2.01, art 11).

Responsible Person (RP)

  • In the normal course of events, Euronext will direct all queries in relation to the business submitted on the Euronext Markets to the Responsible Person.
  • Queries in relation to the business submitted on the Euronext Derivatives Markets under a member’s Individual Trading Mnemonic (ITM) will be directed to the Responsible Persons assigned to that ITM, whether or not the business was actually input directly by that Responsible Person.
  • The Responsible Person has the authority to adjust or withdraw any orders submitted on the Euronext Markets and must ensure, as far as possible, that all business conducted under his general authority or, for the Euronext Derivatives Markets, on the relevant ITM(s), is conducted in accordance with the Euronext Rules and Euronext Trading Procedures (article 3.1).
  • Generally Head of Trading or Trader
  • For additional information on the AR and RP role please see our Notice 2.01

Members’ ongoing obligations

Members, and specifically, the Authorised Representatives within the member firm, are responsible for ensuring that the details of these contacts held by the Exchange are kept up-to-date. Updates must be communicated to the Onboarding & Client Administration (OCA) team as soon as possible.

Please review chapter 2 of the Euronext Rule Book regarding members’ ongoing obligations (art 2.4). Note that Euronext has determined a range of penalties for violations of specific rules, articles of Notices and provisions of the Trading Procedures and the Trading Manual (Euronext Notice 9.01).

How to identify Key Membership Contacts and updates to Euronext

New applicants to the Euronext Markets are requested to identify key membership contacts through the Authorised Representative and Responsible Person application forms available below.

As soon as a change occurs, following a departure, a change of position within the company or change of details, the member must notify in a timely manner (Euronext Rule Book, rule 2401 ix).

Existing Derivatives Members

Further to the Info-Flash sent on 4 August 2014, current trading members of the Euronext Derivatives markets are requested to identify to Euronext the Authorised Representatives and Responsible Persons on behalf of their firm, using the AR and RP application forms. Note that each Responsible Person must be assigned to at least one ITM.

A Trading Member who has already registered Authorised Representatives on the Euronext Securities markets may simply confirm by letter on headed paper that this/these Authorised Representative(s) cover(s) all the Euronext markets, if this is the case.