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Date Title Project
07 Dec 2018 Euronext Dublin Production Configuration Implementation Schedule Optiq expand
Executive summary:

Euronext informs clients that the creation in production of Euronext Dublin market place and financial market will start on Monday 10 December. As from Monday 10 December, dummy instruments will be created. The creation of the real listed instruments is planned in a 2nd step as of 17 December. Confirmation will be given in the dress rehearsal guidelines for the test on 15 December.

06 Dec 2018 New Large-In-Scale features on the central order book General expand
Executive summary:

Euronext announces new Large-in-Scale (LiS) features on the Central Order Book. The service will create more opportunities to execute LiS orders, leveraging existing liquidity in the central order book. The service is now open for testing on Euronext’s test platform, with a production launch planned for Q1 2019.

30 Nov 2018 Revised Annual Fee Scheme for Listing of Exchange Traded Products (ETPs), Effective Date: 1 January 2019 General expand
Executive summary:

IF 20181130 CA
Effective 1 January 2019, a revised annual fee schedule will apply for the listing of Exchange Traded Products (ETFs, ETCs, ETNs). The schedule consists of two components, a reduced Annual AUM fee plus an ADV discount per ETP.

29 Nov 2018 Euronext ETF Access EUA and updated documentation General, Optiq expand
Executive summary:

IF20181129 CA
Euronext ETF Access is now available for testing on the Optiq Next EUA platform.
Note that the referential data file for the ETF segment now contains both the current ETF referential and the Euronext ETF Access referential.

29 Nov 2018 Enhancements to Optiq® OEG throttling mechanism Optiq expand
Executive summary:

IF181129CA - Euronext will enhance its Optiq® OEG throttling mechanism by implementing two main technical changes. The bucket limitation within a second will be adjusted to 1 second, and the queuing capacity will be increased for sessions set up in queuing mode to allow up to two times the session throughput. These changes will be effective in production as of Monday 14 January 2019. Furthermore, the Logical Access fee cap is extended until 31 March 2019.

20 Nov 2018 Euronext Indices: Upcoming changes to MDG Index service expand
Executive summary:

The Prod environment for Market Data Gateway (MDG) indices will be updated to version 105 of the MDG SBE Template, including several changes to the MDG Cash Standing Data messages (1007) and CashStandingDataFile (9007), on 3 December 2018 (effective date).

19 Nov 2018 Euronext Block Optiq migration Euronext Block (MTF) expand
Executive summary:

Euronext is pleased to announce that the Euronext Block trading platform will migrate onto Optiq® technology in Q1 2019.

13 Nov 2018 Adjustments to order fees for house orders for bonds on Euronext regulated markets General expand
Executive summary:

Effective 3 December 2018, Euronext will adjust the calculation method used in Optiq for House order fees for bonds traded on the Euronext Regulated Markets, in the event of partial execution.

09 Nov 2018 Euronext Dublin Migration Update and Mandatory Tests Optiq expand
Executive summary:

IF20181109CA - Euronext reminds clients that conformance, validation tests and dress rehearsals are mandatory prior to migration date planned on 4 February 2019, pending regulatory approval. Migration Guidelines related to Euronext Dublin migration project have been updated with technical details and updated list of instruments.

29 Oct 2018 Delayed opening of Euronext Cash markets and related derivatives contracts on Monday 29 Octover 2018 General expand
Executive summary:

IF20181029CADE - On Monday 29 October 2018, due to technical issues, the opening auction for Euronext Cash markets and related Derivatives contracts was delayed. Trading in normal market conditions progressively resumed, and was fully operational again by 12.20 CET for the Equities segment and at 12.30 CET for the related derivatives instruments.

19 Oct 2018 EuroCCP available through Preferred CCP model and CCP Identifier in real time on Optiq - Go live from 22 October Clearing & Settlement expand
Executive summary:

IF20181019 - Euronext informs customers that it will offer a Preferred CCP service on equities and ETFs providing trading participants with a choice of CCP thanks to the CCP Identifier availability in Optiq private trade report execution messages in Production from 22 October 2018.

18 Oct 2018 Holiday Calendar for Euronext's Cash and Derivatives Markets General expand
Executive summary:

IF181018CADE 2019
The 2019 holiday calendar for Euronext’s Cash and Derivatives markets is detailed below.

12 Oct 2018 Saturn Database - Archiving of Old Transactions MiFID II/MiFIR expand
Executive summary:

Euronext informs clients that it will start archiving all accepted transactions from the Saturn database that are more than one month old for both the EUA and Production environments. All removed transactions will be archived and can be restored on member or NCA request.

09 Oct 2018 Change to Industry Classification Code (ICB) – further details of release plan General expand
Executive summary:

IF20181009CA - Euronext has updated its release plan for the change to the FTSE Russell Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB), following FTSE Russell’s announcement of an extended transition period. Dates for Step 2 will be communicated when FTSE Russell’s detailed timetable has been announced.

08 Oct 2018 Adjustments to liquidity provider order fees for Bonds on Euronext regulated markets SLP expand
Executive summary:

IF20181008 CA - Effective 1 November 2018, Euronext will adjust the way Liquidity Provider (LP) order fees on Iceberg orders are calculated for Bonds in Optiq on the Euronext Regulated Markets.

27 Sep 2018 Euronext Dublin Migration Plan Update Optiq expand
Executive summary:

A new date of 4 February 2019 has been set for the Dublin Migration Go-Live, pending regulatory approval. The Migration Guidelines related to the Dublin migration project have been updated accordingly. Euronext Dublin clients should prepare for T7 Release 7.0, scheduled for 3 December 2018. 

25 Sep 2018 CCP Identifier Available in real time on OPTIQ in Next EUA from 26 September Optiq expand
Executive summary:

The CCP Identifier will be available in Optiq private trade report execution messages in Next EUA (formerly P-EUA) from 26 September 2018. The use of this information is optional for customers using Optiq OEG, although it will be systematically populated for all clearable transactions.

25 Sep 2018 Extension of the order entry gateways fee cap Optiq expand
Executive summary:

Further to the announcement made on 21 June 2018, Euronext will extend the fee cap for Optiq Order Entry Gateways until 31 December 2018.

24 Sep 2018 OPTIQ Test environment Change from 26 Septenber 2018 Optiq expand
Executive summary:

IF20180924 CA - In order to facilitate customer testing, Euronext is dedicating its two test environments to different software versions from 26 September 2018. The Virtual External User Acceptance (V‐EUA) environment will be referred to as “Current” EUA and will support the existing Production version of software releases. The Physical External User Acceptance (P‐EUA) environment will be referred to as “Next” EUA and will support all Euronext projects with upcoming versions of software releases.

14 Sep 2018 Euronext Cash and Derivatives markets business continuity: Disaster Recovery test General expand
Executive summary:

Euronext will hold a common Disaster Recovery test for its Cash and Derivatives Markets on Saturday 27 October 2018. Customers are strongly advised to take part in the test and are asked to register before Friday 19 October 2018. Customers must also have successfully completed a Telnet connectivity test to the DR site in order to participate in the DR Test. Any customers that choose not to participate must nevertheless ensure that any automated trading systems do not log on and interact with any of the markets in scope for the test, as this could affect the state of member order books for market opening on Monday 29 October 2018.