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Date Title Project
10 May 2019 New operational client services desk - Single point of contact for all Trading Participants General expand
Executive summary:

Euronext is launching a new client support desk that will provide a single point of contact for all operational requests from trading participants across the Euronext Markets, covering both  production and test environments. Customers should note the new email address and telephone numbers for any operational request or support within Euronext. The Operational Client Services Desk will be effective as from Monday 13 May 2019. 

26 Apr 2019 Implementation of Pilot Liquidity Distributor Scheme on Euronext Fixed Income Regulated Markets Products expand
Executive summary:

IF190426CA - Euronext is preparing the implementation of a new pilot scheme for Liquidity Distributors, aimed at bringing additional bond trading activity to the Euronext regulated market lit order book, and at incentivising inactive members to trade on Euronext.

18 Apr 2019 New Dark LIS features Production launch date General expand
Executive summary:

Euronext is pleased to announce that the new Dark Large-in-Scale (LIS) features on the Central Order Book will be available in the production environment on 20 May 2019.  

13 Mar 2019 Equities MIFID II Liquidity Band Update MiFID II/MiFIR expand
Executive summary:

Following the recent tick size regime publication from ESMA, Euronext is pleased to announce the availability of a new tick size simulation for Equities, based on the updated tick size liquidity band assessment and the current instrument universe available. The implementation of the new tick sizes will be effective on Monday 1 April 2019. 

04 Mar 2019 Order entry fee cap extension General expand
Executive summary:

IF190304CA - Euronext announces that the fee cap for order entry sessions will be extended until 28 June 2019

11 Feb 2019 Further Harmonisation of Corporate Actions practices for elective operations General expand
Executive summary:

Since 19 November 2018, the French and Belgian markets have shifted to the new European Corporate Actions Market Standards for elective operations, the Custody Service Enhancements on Elective Events 6 (CSE6). The following procedural changes will impact elective operations on both Belgian and French markets:
• Implementation of new timelines including the Guaranteed Participation Date and Buyer Protection Deadline for elective corporate actions
• Public offers monitored and centralised by Euronext on the French markets to follow new timeline
• Cash settlement to occur via SWIFT payment on a Euroclear dedicated cash account (DCA), in the TARGET2-Securities (T2S) platform  
• Recap of CSE 6 eligible and non-eligible Corporate Actions. 

07 Feb 2019 Euronext Block Optiq migration Euronext Block (MTF) expand
Executive summary:

Euronext is pleased to announce that the Euronext Block trading platform will migrate onto Optiq® technology on 4 March 2019.

02 Feb 2019 Euronext Cash Markets Info-Flash: Euronext confirms successful Dublin market migration to Euronext systems Optiq expand
Executive summary:

IF190202CA - Euronext confirms the successful Dublin market migration onto Euronext systems and invites clients to prepare themselves for the start of Euronext Dublin market operations on 4 February 2019.

25 Jan 2019 A new go-live date is to be announced for the Euronext ETF Access platform General expand
Executive summary:

A new go-live date is to be announced for the Euronext ETF Access platform. However, the technical upgrades of the ETF Segment will go ahead on Friday 26 January as scheduled. As a  consequence, the ETF Segment only will be using an updated SBE template, version 109, as of Monday 28 January.

23 Jan 2019 Euronext Dublin Go-Live Date Confirmation and Preparation Session Optiq expand
Executive summary:

The Dublin migration Go-Live is confirmed to take place on 4 February 2019. Euronext has published Go-Live preparation session guidelines to allow clients to check their settings and configuration on Saturday 2 February 2019 in advance of the Go-Live date. 

11 Jan 2019 Euronext Dublin 2nd Dress Rehearsal Guidelines and Documentation Update General expand
Executive summary:

Euronext has published guidelines for the Euronext Dublin dress rehearsal of 19 January 2019. The Euronext Dublin integration project migration guidelines and Off-Book On-Exchange market model have also been updated.
In addition, Euronext announces a Euronext Dublin trading membership freeze period for the two weeks prior to the Go-Live date.

08 Jan 2019 Preferred CCP model Open in TCS With EuroCCP based on CCP Identifier – Go Live From 14 January Clearing & Settlement expand
Executive summary:

IF20190108CA - The Preferred CCP service will be available for TCS in Production from 14 January 2019 on equities and ETFs on the basis of the CCP Identifier disseminated in private trade report execution messages.

12 Dec 2018 LiquidShare available for testing to customers in EUA from 17 December Clearing & Settlement expand
Executive summary:

IF20181212CA - Euronext informs customers that the LiquidShare post-trade infrastructure for European SMEs will be available for testing by trading participants on the EUA test platform from 17 December 2018.

11 Dec 2018 Euronext Dublin Dress Rehearsal Guidelines and Documentation Update Optiq expand
Executive summary:

Euronext publishes Guidelines for the 15 December 2018 Migration Dress Rehearsal. Migration Guidelines related to the Dublin Integration project, and Saturn Web Specifications have also been updated.

07 Dec 2018 Euronext Dublin Production Configuration Implementation Schedule Optiq expand
Executive summary:

Euronext informs clients that the creation in production of Euronext Dublin market place and financial market will start on Monday 10 December. As from Monday 10 December, dummy instruments will be created. The creation of the real listed instruments is planned in a 2nd step as of 17 December. Confirmation will be given in the dress rehearsal guidelines for the test on 15 December.

06 Dec 2018 New Large-In-Scale features on the central order book General expand
Executive summary:

Euronext announces new Large-in-Scale (LiS) features on the Central Order Book. The service will create more opportunities to execute LiS orders, leveraging existing liquidity in the central order book. The service is now open for testing on Euronext’s test platform, with a production launch planned for Q1 2019.

30 Nov 2018 Revised Annual Fee Scheme for Listing of Exchange Traded Products (ETPs), Effective Date: 1 January 2019 General expand
Executive summary:

IF 20181130 CA
Effective 1 January 2019, a revised annual fee schedule will apply for the listing of Exchange Traded Products (ETFs, ETCs, ETNs). The schedule consists of two components, a reduced Annual AUM fee plus an ADV discount per ETP.

29 Nov 2018 Euronext ETF Access EUA and updated documentation General, Optiq expand
Executive summary:

IF20181129 CA
Euronext ETF Access is now available for testing on the Optiq Next EUA platform.
Note that the referential data file for the ETF segment now contains both the current ETF referential and the Euronext ETF Access referential.

29 Nov 2018 Enhancements to Optiq® OEG throttling mechanism Optiq expand
Executive summary:

IF181129CA - Euronext will enhance its Optiq® OEG throttling mechanism by implementing two main technical changes. The bucket limitation within a second will be adjusted to 1 second, and the queuing capacity will be increased for sessions set up in queuing mode to allow up to two times the session throughput. These changes will be effective in production as of Monday 14 January 2019. Furthermore, the Logical Access fee cap is extended until 31 March 2019.

20 Nov 2018 Euronext Indices: Upcoming changes to MDG Index service expand
Executive summary:

The Prod environment for Market Data Gateway (MDG) indices will be updated to version 105 of the MDG SBE Template, including several changes to the MDG Cash Standing Data messages (1007) and CashStandingDataFile (9007), on 3 December 2018 (effective date).