Euronext is pleased to exclusively offer to private investors the option to access the Euronext Cash Market Notices online at a discounted price of €4.99 (VAT included) per notice. Private investors should be advised that some notice types are available free of charge.

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Corporate Actions

    Notice numberIssuedEffectiveEvent TypeSymbol
    LIS_20180511_00287_EUR11 May 201801 Jun 2018expand  CE - Shares - Dividend - Announcementexpand  NOVABASE,SGPS
    LIS_20180315_00187_EUR15 Mar 201819 Mar 2018expand  CE - Diverse Announcementexpand  Multiple
    LIS_20171030_00933_EUR30 Oct 201713 Nov 2017expand  CE - Shares - Dividend - Announcementexpand  NOVABASE,SGPS
    LIS_20170512_00412_EUR12 May 201725 May 2017expand  CE - Shares - Dividend - Announcementexpand  NOVABASE,SGPS
    LIS_20170315_00224_EUR15 Mar 201720 Mar 2017expand  CE - Diverse Announcementexpand  Multiple
    LIS_20160504_00425_EUR04 May 201612 May 2016expand  CE - Shares - Dividend - Announcementexpand  NOVABASE,SGPS
    LIS_20080124_00075_EUR25 Jan 200825 Jan 2008expand  CE - Diverse announcementexpand  Multiple
    LIS_20100708_00691_EUR08 Jul 201008 Jul 2010expand  CE - Diverse announcementexpand  NOVABASE,SGPS
    LIS_20100702_00676_EUR02 Jul 201008 Jul 2010expand  CE - Shares - Dividend Cashexpand  NOVABASE,SGPS
    LIS_20100521_00495_EUR21 May 201026 May 2010expand  CE - Shares - Dividend Cashexpand  NOVABASE,SGPS
    LIS_20110523_00678_EUR23 May 201101 Jun 2011expand  CE - Shares - Dividend Cashexpand  NOVABASE,SGPS
    LIS_20120510_01747_EUR10 May 201222 May 2012expand  CE - Shares - Dividend - Final announcementexpand  Multiple
    LIS_20130620_00469_EUR20 Jun 201324 Jun 2013expand  CE - Diverse announcementexpand  Multiple
    LIS_20130517_00371_EUR17 May 201329 May 2013expand  CE - Shares - Dividend - Final announcementexpand  NOVABASE,SGPS
    LIS_20130313_00176_EUR13 Mar 201315 Mar 2013expand  CE - Diverse announcementexpand  Multiple
    LIS_20130927_00749_EUR27 Sep 201307 Oct 2013expand  CE - Shares - Dividend - Final announcementexpand  NOVABASE,SGPS
    LIS_20140509_00462_EUR09 May 201402 Jun 2014expand  CE - Shares - Dividend - Final announcementexpand  NOVABASE,SGPS
    LIS_20150505_00356_EUR05 May 201527 May 2015expand  CE - Shares - Dividend - Announcementexpand  NOVABASE,SGPS