Euronext is pleased to exclusively offer to private investors the option to access the Euronext Cash Market Notices online at a discounted price of €4.99 (VAT included) per notice. Private investors should be advised that some notice types are available free of charge.

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Corporate Actions

    Notice numberIssuedEffectiveEvent TypeSymbol
    PAR_20181128_10305_GRO28 Nov 201830 Nov 2018expand  CE - Diverse Announcementexpand  ADTHINK
    PAR_20070419_7130_ALT19 Apr 200719 Apr 2007expand  CE - Brussels - Shares - IPO Free marketexpand  ADTHINK MEDIA
    PAR_20081217_04865_EUR17 Dec 200817 Dec 2008expand  CE - Shares - ICB classificationexpand  Multiple
    PAR_20101007_05400_ALT07 Oct 201011 Oct 2010expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  ADTHINK MEDIA
    PAR_20100503_02232_ALT03 May 201005 May 2010expand  ETA - LP - Change of groupexpand  ADTHINK MEDIA
    PAR_20110622_04185_ALT22 Jun 201124 Jun 2011expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  ADTHINK MEDIA
    PAR_20140218_01289_ALT18 Feb 201420 Feb 2014expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  ADTHINK MEDIA