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Corporate Actions

Notice numberIssuedEffectiveEvent TypeSymbol
PAR_20190412_03912_EUR12 Apr 201916 Apr 2019expand  CE - Shares - Dividend - Announcementexpand  VIVENDI
PAR_20190404_03629_EUR04 Apr 201908 Apr 2019expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  VIVENDI
PAR_20190123_00800_EUR23 Jan 201925 Jan 2019expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  VIVENDI
PAR_20180719_05698_EUR19 Jul 201823 Jul 2018expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  VIVENDI
PAR_20180418_02866_EUR18 Apr 201820 Apr 2018expand  CE - Assimilationexpand  Multiple
PAR_20180416_02831_EUR16 Apr 201818 Apr 2018expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  Multiple
PAR_20180411_02675_GRO11 Apr 201820 Apr 2018expand  CE - Shares - Dividend - Announcementexpand  Multiple
PAR_20180117_00401_EUR17 Jan 201819 Jan 2018expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  VIVENDI
PAR_20171018_08004_EUR18 Oct 201720 Oct 2017expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  VIVENDI
PAR_20170725_05875_EUR25 Jul 201727 Jul 2017expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  VIVENDI
PAR_20170428_03210_EUR28 Apr 201702 May 2017expand  CE - Shares - Dividend - Announcementexpand  VIVENDI
PAR_20170419_02926_EUR19 Apr 201721 Apr 2017expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  VIVENDI
PAR_20170110_00239_EUR10 Jan 201712 Jan 2017expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  VIVENDI
PAR_20160728_05340_EUR28 Jul 201601 Aug 2016expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  VIVENDI
PAR_20160620_04281_EUR20 Jun 201621 Jun 2016expand  CE - Capital decreaseexpand  VIVENDI
PAR_20160412_02469_EUR12 Apr 201614 Apr 2016expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  VIVENDI
PAR_20160412_02467_EUR12 Apr 201622 Apr 2016expand  CE - Shares - Dividend - Announcementexpand  Multiple
PAR_20160223_01305_EUR23 Feb 201625 Feb 2016expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  VIVENDI
2005-462406 Dec 200506 Dec 2005expand  Admission of securities arising from redemption_BE01expand  Multiple
2005-338529 Aug 200529 Aug 2005expand  Admission of securities arising from a cash issue_BB05expand  Multiple
2005-173103 May 200503 May 2005expand  Admission of securities arising from conversion_BD01expand  Multiple
2005-171603 May 200503 May 2005expand  Capital reduction by cancellation of shares_BK01,Admission of securities arising from redemption_BE01,Admission of securities arising from exercise of options_BG01expand  Multiple
2005-129305 Apr 200505 Apr 2005expand  Admission of securities arising from exercise of options_BG01,Admission of securities arising from redemption_BE01,Capital reduction by cancellation of shares_BK01expand  Multiple
2006-215201 Aug 200601 Aug 2006expand  Admission of securities arising from a cash issue_BB05expand  Multiple
2006-108925 Apr 200625 Apr 2006expand  Change of trading symbol_HB02,Change of entity name_DA01expand  Multiple