Euronext is pleased to exclusively offer to private investors the option to access the Euronext Cash Market Notices online at a discounted price of €4.99 (VAT included) per notice. Private investors should be advised that some notice types are available free of charge.

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Corporate Actions

    Notice numberIssuedEffectiveEvent TypeSymbol
    PAR_20190514_05174_EUR14 May 201922 May 2019expand  CE - Shares - Dividend - Announcementexpand  DASSAULT AVIATION
    PAR_20180625_04981_EUR25 Jun 201827 Jun 2018expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  DASSAULT AVIATION
    PAR_20180528_04061_EUR28 May 201801 Jun 2018expand  CE - Shares - Optional dividendexpand  DASSAULT AVIATION
    PAR_20170616_04708_EUR16 Jun 201721 Jun 2017expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  DASSAULT AVIATION
    PAR_20170523_03915_EUR23 May 201729 May 2017expand  CE - Shares - Optional dividendexpand  DASSAULT AVIATION
    PAR_20161227_08820_EUR27 Dec 201628 Dec 2016expand  CE - Capital decreaseexpand  DASSAULT AVIATION
    PAR_20160520_03467_EUR20 May 201625 May 2016expand  CE - Shares - Dividend - Announcementexpand  Multiple
    PAR_20120203_02460_EUR03 Feb 201224 Feb 2012expand  CE - Diverse announcementexpand  Multiple
    PAR_20120202_02401_EUR02 Feb 201224 Feb 2012expand  CE - Diverse announcementexpand  Multiple
    PAR_20120511_05234_EUR11 May 201209 May 2012expand  CE - Shares - Dividend - Final announcementexpand  Multiple
    PAR_20120727_07494_EUR27 Jul 201201 Aug 2012expand  CE - Diverse announcementexpand  Multiple
    PAR_20130419_02754_EUR19 Apr 201330 Apr 2013expand  CE - Shares - Dividend - Final announcementexpand  Multiple
    PAR_20140423_02982_EUR23 Apr 201412 May 2014expand  CE - Shares - Dividend - Final announcementexpand  Multiple
    PAR_20150728_05901_EUR28 Jul 201530 Jul 2015expand  CE - Capital decreaseexpand  DASSAULT AVIATION
    PAR_20150522_03933_EUR22 May 201525 May 2015expand  CE - Shares - Dividend - Announcementexpand  Multiple
    PAR_20150325_02447_EUR25 Mar 201526 Mar 2015expand  CE - Trading resumptionexpand  DASSAULT AVIATION
    PAR_20150325_02402_EUR25 Mar 201525 Mar 2015expand  CE - Trading suspensionexpand  DASSAULT AVIATION
    PAR_20141223_09704_EUR23 Dec 201429 Dec 2014expand  CE - Capital decreaseexpand  DASSAULT AVIATION