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Euronext offers its Cash market notices via its brand new distribution platform – the Euronext Corporate Actions Portal. Please find more information here.
To subscribe to Euronext corporate actions products please contact the Euronext Licensing Department at

Corporate Actions

Notice numberIssuedEffectiveEvent TypeSymbol
PAR_20180411_02706_EUR11 Apr 201812 Apr 2018expand  CE - Trading resumptionexpand  RECYLEX S.A.
PAR_20180410_02668_EUR10 Apr 201811 Apr 2018expand  CE - Trading suspensionexpand  RECYLEX S.A.
PAR_20180228_01603_EUR28 Feb 201802 Mar 2018expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  Multiple
PAR_20180212_01135_EUR12 Feb 201814 Feb 2018expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  RECYLEX S.A.
PAR_20180125_00640_EUR25 Jan 201826 Jan 2018expand  CE - Diverse Announcementexpand  Multiple
PAR_20171017_07963_EUR17 Oct 201719 Oct 2017expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  RECYLEX S.A.
PAR_20170907_06919_EUR07 Sep 201711 Sep 2017expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  RECYLEX S.A.
PAR_20170612_04551_EUR12 Jun 201714 Jun 2017expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  RECYLEX S.A.
PAR_20170529_04114_EUR29 May 201731 May 2017expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  RECYLEX S.A.
PAR_20170524_03992_EUR24 May 201726 May 2017expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  RECYLEX S.A.
PAR_20170518_03774_EUR18 May 201719 May 2017expand  CE - Trading resumptionexpand  RECYLEX S.A.
PAR_20170208_01031_EUR08 Feb 201708 Feb 2017expand  CE - Trading suspensionexpand  RECYLEX S.A.
PAR_20170202_00882_EUR02 Feb 201706 Feb 2017expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  RECYLEX S.A.
PAR_20170201_00867_EUR01 Feb 201702 Feb 2017expand  CE - Trading resumptionexpand  RECYLEX S.A.
PAR_20170130_00777_EUR30 Jan 201731 Jan 2017expand  CE - Trading suspensionexpand  RECYLEX S.A.
PAR_20160721_05152_EUR21 Jul 201625 Jul 2016expand  CE - Diverse Announcementexpand  RECYLEX S.A.
2006-250319 Sep 200619 Sep 2006expand  Change of currency in which par value is denominated_CB06expand  RECYLEX S.A.
2006-029203 Feb 200603 Feb 2006expand  Change of quotation group_HB07expand  RECYLEX S.A.
2006-023325 Jan 200625 Jan 2006expand  Resumption upon publication of a pending corporate announcement_GB02expand  RECYLEX S.A.
PAR_20071022_9433_EUR22 Oct 200722 Oct 2007expand  TR - Trading Resumptionexpand  RECYLEX S.A.
PAR_20071018_9396_EUR18 Oct 200718 Oct 2007expand  TR - Trading Suspensionexpand  RECYLEX S.A.
PAR_20070723_8459_EUR23 Jul 200723 Jul 2007expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  RECYLEX S.A.
PAR_20070226_6554_EUR26 Feb 200726 Feb 2007expand  Trading Suspension_GA50expand  RECYLEX S.A.
PAR_20081117_04268_EUR17 Nov 200817 Nov 2008expand  TR - Trading Suspension Resumptionexpand  RECYLEX S.A.
PAR_20080722_02713_EUR22 Jul 200822 Jul 2008expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  RECYLEX S.A.