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Euronext offers its Cash market notices via its brand new distribution platform – the Euronext Corporate Actions Portal. Please find more information here.
To subscribe to Euronext corporate actions products please contact the Euronext Licensing Department at

Corporate Actions

    Notice numberIssuedEffectiveEvent TypeSymbol
    PAR_20170621_04829_EUR21 Jun 201722 Jun 2017expand  CE - Shares - Semi centralized public offerexpand  INTLE PLANT.HEVEAS
    PAR_20170606_04364_EUR06 Jun 201707 Jun 2017expand  CE - Trading resumptionexpand  INTLE PLANT.HEVEAS
    PAR_20170605_04313_EUR05 Jun 201706 Jun 2017expand  CE - Trading suspensionexpand  INTLE PLANT.HEVEAS
    PAR_20170125_00633_EUR25 Jan 201727 Jan 2017expand  CE - Diverse Announcementexpand  Multiple
    PAR_20160127_00692_EUR27 Jan 201629 Jan 2016expand  CE - Diverse Announcementexpand  Multiple
    2005-151019 Apr 200519 Apr 2005expand  Declaration of breach threshold_JA01expand  INTLE PLANT.HEVEAS
    2005-109421 Mar 200521 Mar 2005expand  Admission of securities arising from a cash issue_BB05expand  INTLE PLANT.HEVEAS
    2006-508727 Oct 200627 Oct 2006expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  INTLE PLANT.HEVEAS
    2006-009713 Jan 200613 Jan 2006expand  Admission of securities arising from conversion_BD01expand  INTLE PLANT.HEVEAS
    PAR_20081217_04865_EUR17 Dec 200817 Dec 2008expand  CE - Shares - ICB classificationexpand  Multiple
    PAR_20080627_02336_EUR27 Jun 200827 Jun 2008expand  CE - Shares - Splitexpand  INTLE PLANT.HEVEAS
    PAR_20080124_00355_EUR25 Jan 200825 Jan 2008expand  CE - Diverse announcementexpand  Multiple
    PAR_20100119_00299_EUR19 Jan 201022 Jan 2010expand  CE - Diverse announcementexpand  Multiple
    PAR_20090325_01517_EUR25 Mar 200924 Mar 2009expand  CE - Shares - ICB classificationexpand  INTLE PLANT.HEVEAS
    PAR_20090116_00294_EUR16 Jan 200915 Jan 2009expand  CE - Diverse announcementexpand  Multiple
    PAR_20120613_06160_EUR13 Jun 201218 Jun 2012expand  CE - Shares - Dividend - Final announcementexpand  Multiple
    PAR_20130619_04427_EUR19 Jun 201325 Jun 2013expand  CE - Shares - Dividend - Final announcementexpand  Multiple
    PAR_20140610_04362_EUR10 Jun 201411 Jun 2014expand  CE - Shares - Dividend - Final announcementexpand  Multiple
    PAR_20151209_09567_EUR09 Dec 201529 Dec 2015expand  CE - Diverse Announcementexpand  Multiple