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Euronext offers its Cash market notices via its brand new distribution platform – the Euronext Corporate Actions Portal. Please find more information here.
To subscribe to Euronext corporate actions products please contact the Euronext Licensing Department at

Corporate Actions

    Notice numberIssuedEffectiveEvent TypeSymbol
    BRX_20081211_00990_EUR11 Dec 200815 Dec 2008expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  ACCENTIS
    BRX_20081210_00984_EUR10 Dec 200810 Dec 2008expand  CE - Brussels - Shares - Listing requestexpand  ACCENTIS
    BRX_20081209_00980_EUR09 Dec 200810 Dec 2008expand  CE - Diverse announcementexpand  ACCENTIS
    BRX_20101221_00826_EUR21 Dec 201023 Dec 2010expand  CE - Shares - Capital increaseexpand  Multiple
    BRX_20101221_00824_EUR21 Dec 201021 Dec 2010expand  CE - Trading Resumptionexpand  ACCENTIS
    BRX_20101220_00821_EUR20 Dec 201020 Dec 2010expand  CE - Trading Suspensionexpand  ACCENTIS
    BRX_20101201_00773_EUR01 Dec 201002 Dec 2010expand  CE - Brussels - Shares - Increase number Subscriptionexpand  Multiple
    BRX_20110330_00184_EUR30 Mar 201104 Apr 2011expand  ETA - LP - Change of groupexpand  Multiple
    BRX_20090121_00051_EUR21 Jan 200923 Jan 2009expand  CE - Shares - ICB classificationexpand  ACCENTIS
    BRX_20120518_00465_EUR18 May 201218 May 2012expand  CE - Trading Supension resumptionexpand  ACCENTIS
    BRX_20131120_01092_EUR20 Nov 201322 Nov 2013expand  CE - Diverse announcementexpand  ACCENTIS