A proven market

Diversified primary bond market

Euronext's bond offering is segmented to satisfy the needs of corporates, financials and public and semi public companies


Investor base Listing Rating
Institutionals debt markets Euro bond International institutionals Yes Yes
International Foreign ccy Bond International institutionals Yes Yes
Private placement markets Euro PP, High Yield etc Institutionals Yes No
Retail debt market Retail Bond Offering Institutionals + Retail Yes Yes

New products

  • RetailBond Offering
  • Private Placements Bonds

New challenges

  • Address a wider audience of  investors
  • Manage a more diversified rating offer
  • Develop financial communication

Listing execution

A fast listing process:
First issuer = seven days
Listed issuer on Euronext, but new bond listing = two days
Program elsewhere, first issuer on Euronext = seven days


Euronext’s secondary trading platform provides your listed securities:

  • A fair and orderly market that provides liquidity and best execution
  • Trading on the secondary market with access to a vast community of retail investors
  • Harmonized trading rules on a unified platform that conform to five distinct regulatory regimes
  • Straight Through Processing


LCH.Clearnet brings your listed securities:

  • An extensive track record with central counterparty services (CCP), including multi-lateral netting
  • Guaranteed transactions


  • Outstanding Amounts = almost €1 trillion (end of June 2014)
  • Direct access to local retail investors
  • Attractive safekeeping fees (0.166 to 0.205 bp) : lower the costs for investors
  • Natural place of deposit for Euronext listed bonds (Link Euronext/LCH Clearnet/ESES)
  • Delivery and payment through CCP (Central Clearing Party) in multi-currency via Euroclear Bank
  • Straight Through Processing procedure for corporate events : direct payment
  • New ESES (Euroclear Settlement for Euronext Zone of Security) Triparty service (Central Bank/Interbank/CCP operations)
  • Same day distribution on the primary market to all international counterparts (Euroclear France/Euroclear Bank/Clearstream Banking Luxembourg)
  • Settlement in Central Bank money in EUR and commercial banks
  • Eligibility of listed commercial papers, certificates of desposit to the monetary policy operations of the European Central Bank