Euronext Private Placement Bonds – EPPB

Euronext Private Placement Bonds – EPPB – initiative extends Euronext’s private bonds offering by creating a dedicated offer on Alternext benefiting from all the attractiveness of our capital markets.

EPPBs offer financial solutions for all types of companies, particularly  small and mid-sized companies, by fully supporting the development of private placement bond products (Euro PP, High Yield, other private placements).

EPPBs offer a large base of investors, a diversity of standardized private placement bonds, a simple, cost efficient and predictable listing process and highly competitive listing fees.

EPPBs can help you diversify your sources of funding and finance your mid and long term investments.

Our rules have been specifically designed to your needs.                                                                                                    

EPPBs enable you to list your private placements bonds:

Current Environment EPPBs offer

Decreasing bank lending / disintermediation


market growing

New investors

SME Developing financing alternatives

A proven market Excellent reputation Flexible timing and structure A diversity of standardized products
Meet investor needs Secure A simple and predictable listing process Competitive listing fees

Select the most appropriate market for your needs:

regulated market*
Free Market
Marche libre & Easynext - MTF*
Type of product Euro PP, other Private Placements Euro PP. High yield, other Private Placements Euro PP. High yield, other Private Placements
Reporting IFRS Local GAAP or IFRS Local GAAP or IFRS
Disclosure documents Prospectus approved by Regulator Information document N/A***
Main ongoing reporting obligations Annual and semi annual audited accounts
(Exemptions for EUR 100,000 denominations and up)
Annual audited accounts
(Exemptions for EUR 100,000 denominations )****
* Within the meaning of EU Directives   **Alternext Brussels is supervised by FSMA *** Prospectus required for initial admission on Free Market Brussels **** Annual and semi Annual accounts on Alternext Brussels (exemptions for €100 000 denominations and up) ***** Annual reporting required on EasyNext Lisbon

Your listing solution will depend on: