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VanEck – 10 years


Van Eck 10 years

The gong will be struck by Martijn Rozemuller of VanEck on the occasion of the company's ten-year anniversary, founded in 2009 as Think ETF’s. Martijn Rozemuller and Gijs Koning had the vision to give investors access to fair, transparent investment products at low costs. VanEck thus became the first provider of ETFs domiciled in the Netherlands.

VanEck's first five products, including the VanEck VectorsTM AEX UCITS ETF and the VanEck VectorsTM AMX UCITS ETF, also celebrate their ten-year anniversary. The results of these products are impressive. For example, the VanEck VectorsTM AEX UCITS ETF has generated a cumulative return of 146%. Five percentage points more than the only other AEX ETF on the market, the iShares AEX UCITS ETF. This difference is due to the fact that the VanEck ETF manages to prevent dividend leakage. VanEck is the only provider of ETFs that offer Dutch investors this benefit.

VanEck remains true to its original philosophy. For example, it is one of the few ETF providers that does not do securities lending or synthetic replication for its entire UCITS product range.