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30 Nov 2018 Vogo, Euronext's first listed sportstech, makes its market debut expand

€12.3 million raised; market capitalisation €37 million

Paris – 30 November 2018 – Euronext today welcomed Vogo, its first ‘Sportstech’, to Euronext Growth. The company develops, markets and distributes a technology solution that allows live and instant-replay of multi-cam content at sports venues and outdoor events.  

Founded in 2013 in Montpellier (southern France), Vogo is dedicated to improving spectator engagement and the spectator experience in sports arenas. The company also provides technology tools that professionals can use for medical issues, referee calls, and analyses of athletic performance. Vogo is diversifying into fashion and entertainment, and has already deployed its technology at live concerts, operas and fashion shows. This Sportstech is keen to accelerate commercial growth on international markets and diversify its revenue streams.

Vogo (ticker code: ALVGO) was listed on 30 November 2018 through the admission to trading of 3,395,191 shares making up its capital, including 1,120,383 new shares issued as part of a Global Offering[1], after partial exercise of the extension clause and before potential exercise of the over-allotment option. 

The offering price was set at €11 per share. Market capitalisation on the day of listing was around €37 million, and the operation raised a total of €12.3 million.

At the listing ceremony, Christophe Carniel, Vogo’s co-founder, Chairman and CEO, said: “We are proud to announce our successful listing today on Euronext Growth Paris, despite an unsettled market. And I want to thank all our investors—institutional and individual—for their trust. With their support, we are now on track to build a world leader in tech solutions that deliver live replays of digital broadcasts.”

[1] The Global Offering was made up of a Public Offering that included an Open Price Offer (OPO) in France and a Global Placement with institutional investors in France and other countries.

About Vogo
Founded in 2013, Vogo develops, markets and distributes a tech solution for broadcasting live audiovisual content that is revolutionising the spectator experience, through live or instant-replay multi-cam content, while also providing professionals with video decision-making tools. Launched in 2014, the Vogo SPORT solution gives spectators at sports venues or outdoor events instant real-time access to the feeds of the cameras filming the event, through their terminals (smartphones, tablets, etc.). The app has features including live multi-cam, replay, zoom and slow motion. Spectators thus enjoy a unique experience that combines the raw emotion of the stadium and the immersion of “live & replay”. The company also successfully launched a version for industry professionals (doctors, referees, coaches and journalists) in 2017. This solution gives users access to a mobile and autonomous decision-making tool for medical issues, refereeing and analysis of athletic performances.

30 Nov 2018 VOGO lists on Euronext Growth Paris expand

VOGO listed on Euronext Growth Paris

Euronext Paris's markets are opened by VOGO. Christophe Carniel, CEO and Co-Founder, rings the bell to celebrate,

On November 30th 2018, VOGO is listed on Euronext Growth Paris. VOGO specializes in the development, marketing and distribution of a live technological solution for audiovisual content in sports venues that offers a new experience for spectators, through multi-camera on-demand live & replay content, and offers professionals video tools to help them make decisions.

The VOGO SPORT solution allows spectators, within a sports venue or during an outdoor event, to access instantly and in real time, via their terminals (smartphones, tablets, etc.) to the flows of the cameras filming the event. The application offers many features such as multicam live, replay, zoom and slow motion. A version dedicated to professionals (doctors, referees, coaches or journalists) gives access to a mobile and autonomous decision-making tool, used for medical monitoring, arbitration or analysis of athletes' performance.