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27 Jun 2018 Eurocommercial properties lists on Euronext Brussels expand

Additional listing aims to increase visibility on the Belgian market and further expand and diversify the company’s shareholder base

Brussels, 27 June 2018 – Eurocommercial Properties (ticker symbol: ECMPA), a retail property investment company, today began trading on Euronext Brussels.

Founded in 1991, Eurocommercial currently owns and operates 29 retail properties in Belgium, France, Italy, and Sweden with total assets of €4 billion. Belgium represents approximately 11% of the portfolio through the Woluwe shopping centre in Brussels, which was purchased in March this year and is one of Eurocommercial’s largest assets.

Eurocommercial’s listing on Euronext Brussels is in addition to the existing listing on Euronext Amsterdam, the company’s market of reference.

Jeremy Lewis, Eurocommercial’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “Belgium plays a critical role in Europe and is very important to Eurocommercial’s strategy, with the acquisition of the major Woluwe Shopping Centre. Through a listing on Euronext Brussels, we are reinforcing our commitment to the country, where we expect to have a long and successful investment. We hope that Belgian investors will appreciate the opportunity to have an exposure to one of the very best shopping centres in the country.

To celebrate Eurocommercial Properties’ first trading day in Brussels, Jeremy Lewis, CEO, rang the bell to open the markets.