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12 Jun 2017 Antalis International lists on Euronext Paris expand

Paris 12 June 2017 – Euronext today welcomed Antalis International, the European leader distributor of Papers, Packaging products, and Visual Communication materials, to compartment B of Euronext’s regulated market in Paris.

Antalis not only distributes a wide selection of papers used in printing and business communications, it also offers packaging products and solutions used to protect goods during storage and transportation. The company also sells a range of visual communication materials (posters, advertising campaigns and interior decoration of spaces of professional and private spaces). Present in 43 countries in Europe, Latin America, Southern Africa and Asia-Pacific, the group serves 130,000 printers and corporate clients through 118 distribution centres.

Antalis (ticker code: ANTA) was admitted to trading on 12 June 2017 by the direct listing of 71,000,000 shares. The technical reference price was set at €3 per share. The company’s market capitalisation on the day of listing was around €213 million.

Antalis CEO Hervé Poncin said “The listing of Antalis International on Euronext Paris is a milestone for our group, boosting our visibility and our image. It will help us continue to strengthen our company’s existing positions, particularly in our strategic Packaging and Visual Communications business sectors.”

About Antalis
Antalis, a subsidiary of Sequana, is the European leader and the first global group (excluding the USA) specialised in B2B distribution of paper and packaging solutions, and one of first top three distributors of visual communication products for professionals. It reported a 2016 revenue of €2.5 billion and its 5,600 employees serve around 130,000 clients, notably companies and printers, in 43 countries. Through its 118 distribution centres, Antalis makes over 14,000 deliveries a day around the globe and distributed 1.5 million tons of paper in 2016.

12 Jun 2017 Listing Antalis expand

Listing of Antalis on Euronext.

Hervé Poncin, CEO of Antalis, opens the trading day in Paris.

Antalis International is Europe’s leading company specializing in professional distribution of paper, packaging products and visual communication products. The group offers coated papers, printing and office papers, envelopes and pouches, labels, packaging and storage products, plates, marking films, posters, etc.