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Market: Euronext Amsterdam
Capitalization compartment: Compartment A
Subsector: Heavy Construction
Isin code: NL0012294466
Symbol: KVW


IPO Date: 12/05/2017
Issue type: IPO
IPO Price: EUR 23.00
Price range: EUR 21.25 - EUR 25.25

Company Profile

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Datum Titel
12 May 2017 VolkerWessels lists on Euronext expand

€ 575 million raised, market capitalisation of approximately € 1,840 million

Amsterdam - 12 May 2017 – Euronext Amsterdam today welcomed Koninklijke VolkerWessels N.V. (ticker symbol: KVW), a leading integrated and diversified construction group. The listing follows the company’s successful Initial Public Offering (IPO), with a total offering of € 575 million.

The offering price was set at € 23.00 per share. Based on the offering price, the market capitalisation of the company on the day of listing was € 1,840 million.

VolkerWessels operates primarily in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, North America and Germany and has leading positions in the markets it operates in. The company has an ecosystem of entrepreneurs and more than 120 local operating companies, with approximately 16,000 skilled employees. VolkerWessels practices a “think global, act local” mind-set. The majority of its annual 25,000 projects are locally sourced, small scale, with low complexity and high repetition, enabling a selective approach towards additional large, complex projects.

The listing on Euronext enables VolkerWessels to continue to build on its position as a market-leading construction company in its home markets.

Jan de Ruiter, chairman of the Management Board of VolkerWessels, said: “The listing of VolkerWessels at Euronext Amsterdam is another demonstration of the rich history of our company, the quality of our employees and the importance of our projects, both large and small. VolkerWessels will remain a financially solid company with an attractive dividend for shareholders and outstanding work for our clients. The listing further enhances our company awareness and the strength of the VolkerWessels brand.

The chairman of VolkerWessels’ Management Board sounded the gong in Amsterdam to open today’s trading on Euronext’s markets.

About VolkerWessels
VolkerWessels is a leading integrated and diversified construction group with a “think global, act local” mindset. VolkerWessels’ operating model combines a local sales and client focus with a centralised control and support structure at divisional level that optimises scale and expertise across its operating companies. VolkerWessels prides itself in developing local companies who are leaders in their respective subsectors, supported by strong governance and shared expertise. VolkerWessels operates primarily in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, North America and Germany. Operationally, its business is organised in six segments. In the countries in which VolkerWessels operates it has over 120 local operating companies, which have national and regional offices and management. For more information: www.volkerwessels.com

12 May 2017 IPO VolkerWessels expand

Koninklijke VolkerWessels is een toonaangevende, geïntegreerde en gediversifieerde bouwonderneming die werkt volgens het principe ‘think global, act local’. Het bedrijf is voornamelijk actief in Nederland, het Verenigd Koninkrijk, Noord-Amerika en Duitsland en heeft leidende marktposities binnen de sectoren waarin zij actief is. VolkerWessels wordt gekenmerkt door lokaal ondernemerschap en heeft meer dan 120 lokale werkmaatschappijen en ongeveer 16.000 werknemers. Het bedrijfsmodel combineert lokaal ondernemerschap met een gecentraliseerde managementstructuur die zorgdraagt voor een sterke governance en het binnen de groep delen van kennis en expertise.

Voor meer informatie: www.volkerwessels.com

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