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IPOready Norway is one of the pre-IPO programmes launched by Euronext covering IPO process, legal perspective, IPO valuation, equity story, financial communication, corporate governance and post-listing requirements.

The program is run by Oslo Børs in partnership with Pareto Securities, Thommessen, PwC and Crux Advisers, and builds on the success of such programmes in the other Euronext markets over the last eight years.

The objective of the programme is to equip participating companies with an in-depth understanding of all sources of finance available to them and determine which is most suited to their needs. On completion, the participating founders and entrepreneurs will have the skillsets required to get their businesses investment ready, refine their pitch for investors and form a valuable network of peers, advisors and investors.

IPOready provides three modules of knowledge sharing:

  • academic campuses
  • workshop sessions
  • and individual coaching

From January to June, participants will attend

  • European events
  • local group sessions
  • as well as one-to-one trainings for customised advice



IPOready participants will gain knowledge of:

  • How the capital markets work and how your company can use them practically and efficiently
  • How to develop your capital market strategy and the use of different financing sources available to publicly listed companies
  • How to report and communicate with investors and other stakeholders and raise your business' public profile
  • How to plan, prepare and structure your business to get ready to attract investors and raise new capital, as well as a strong network of investors, advisors and entrepreneurs. 

Companies with growth ambitions and a clear strategy that:

• Are likely to consider a stock exchange listing within 1 - 3 years
• Can commit two senior executives (typically CEO, CFO, founder) for the duration of the programme


How to apply

Applications for this edition are closed. But you can get notified when the next round of applications opens by taking this pre-IPO programmes eligbility survey.  

IPOready Alumni

They share their experience of the programme

Ove Thu
We want to learn from the best: at IPOready Norway, all the speakers, both the partners and the invited guests, are extremely high-level.
  • Ove Thu
  • CEO
  • Villa Seafood Group
Øyvind Heradstveit
The decision to go public would be a significant undertaking for our company. Through the IPOready programme, we have gained a good understanding of what is required in terms of systems, resources and associated risks. Significant preparations need to be in place in order to be IPOready!
  • Øyvind Heradstveit
  • CEO
  • FourPhase
Anders Hagestande
IPOready provides you with knowledge that is difficult to gain elsewhere. I found the programme interesting and very educational. Although I have studied finance, I learned a lot by participating in the IPOready programme.
  • Anders Hagestande
  • CFO
  • Villa Seafood