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IPOready is a leadership programme for executives looking to enhance their skillsets for scaling their companies and raising strategic finance. Financing is the fuel for scaling your business and IPOready is designed to give you the skillset to do this.
The programme assists executives to get their company funding ready, to understand the sources of funding available and to perfect their investment pitch.
IPOready is part of Euronext’s pre-IPO product offering and incorporates two modules in a European campus setting and three modules held locally. This programme is currently available to non-listed companies in Ireland with the support of our local partners Enterprise Ireland and ISIF.

Format of the programme

IPOready is delivered through a combination of seminars, one-to-one mentoring, European campuses, and pitch days. The content is provided by entrepreneurs, business leaders and committed partners from the financial industry: investment bankers, brokers, investors, auditors, lawyers, financial communication and investor relations experts.

See here the latest module plan for IPOready Ireland. 10 companies from Ireland are eligible to participate in the next programme.

Format of the program IPOready

What will I learn by participating?

IPOready participants will gain:

  • real-life practical insights from Euronext executives, leading listed company executives, entrepreneurs, advisors and investors
  • a deep understanding of capital markets, fund raising options and the IPO process
  • knowledge of what being a plc means and why investor relations is important
  • skills in how to scale through acquisition
  • opportunities to pitch your business to potential investors, both domestic and international
  • an experienced mentor to guide you during the programme, get your business investment ready and perfect your investment story
  • 1-1 meetings with the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF) investment team
  • a network of investors, advisors and entrepreneurs

Who can take part?

A company can take part in the IPOready programme if it:

  • is generating revenue > €5 million per annum
  • has a track record of growth and potential to accelerate revenues
  • can commit two C-suite executives (eg Chair, CEO, CFO) to take part
IPOready participants

What entrepreneurs think of IPOready

Some testimonials from companies that participated in IPOready

Barry Napier
IPOready was a fantastic journey for both our CFO (David) and I. We collaborated with the best scaling companies in Ireland and were introduced to some of the international capital markets ecosystem. The mentors and speakers were excellent, which led to great open conversations with some great insights and guidance. Overall it was extremely worthwhile programme that I would encourage other scaling Irish companies to explore.
  • Barry Napier
  • CEO
  • Cubic Telecom
Jim Joyce
IPOready was a pivotal programme of thought provoking events. We had a chance to interact with an impressive class of entrepreneurs, financing and public market experts. The impressive Euronext team collated these experts into a community that clearly want Irish companies to succeed. It is a must attend for any fast growing company. It goes well beyond IPO preparation, bringing us unique insights into building a high impact, long term focused, and profitable company in Ireland.
  • Jim Joyce
  • CEO
  • Health Beacon
Sarah Sweeney
IPOready brings together a fantastic network of like-minded business people who face the same challenges and decisions every day, just like us. It is a great outlet for CEO’s and CFO’s to share experiences. I particularly enjoyed the investor pitches and the European campus in Rotterdam which was a great way to meet other businesses at the cutting edge of Technology.
  • Sarah Sweeney
  • CFO
  • Cora Systems
Frank Madden
Participating on IPOready gave us the opportunity to think about our company, why we exist and why we can be more relevant in the future. The course and the experience gave us a chance to play in the big leagues and create a valuable network. It has increased our ambition and ability to scale our business. It was the most worthwhile thing I did in years.
  • Frank Madden
  • CEO
  • Crest Solutions
Richard Kennedy
It was time incredibly well spent. You get to meet businesses outside your sector, you make new friends. It was incredibly impactful and practical in that it gives you a physicality to how you look to raise funds and you then have the opportunity to discuss the options and follow through. For us it was brilliant at the time and it continues to have an impact on our business.
  • Richard Kennedy
  • CEO
  • Devenish Nutrition
David Walsh
IPOready was instrumental to Netwatch in our fund raising efforts. It gave us a deep insight into the funding ecosystem and fund raising process. The modules focusing on pitching to investors helped us to craft an investor pitch with the correct value proposition for our strategic partners. I would recommend IPOready to every company looking to raise strategic finance.
  • David Walsh
  • CEO
  • Netwatch Systems

Information and application

Apply online for our next programme and we will be in touch with you directly on dates for the next intake.

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