The introduction of a single Central Securities Depositories (CSD) brand demonstrates our commitment to harmonise systems and processes across our CSDs. Local expertise and presence are being kept at the core of our positioning, ensuring that we stay close to you as a client.

Customers will benefit from a more harmonised service model, more streamlined processes and a shorter value chain, reducing costs, while maintaining a relationship with their local CSD. 

Pierre Davoust
In the market, we see two types of clients. We have global or pan-European institutions that are our clients in all markets. They want harmonisation, because that’s the way for them to reduce their costs and risk. Then we have the local and regional players. They want to be serviced in their local language, with local counterparties, and with specific services that meet their local set-up. As an organisation, we have projects and services that cater to these two groups
  • Pierre Davoust
  • Head of CSDs
  • Euronext

Strengthen and enhance the international and local Customer Experience

We want to provide our customers with the highest quality service, whether they interact with us in their local market or across multiple locations. That’s why one of Euronext Securities’ four strategic pillars is to strengthen and to enhance the international and local Customer Experience. And that’s the reason why, as we develop our pan-European CSD organisation, we focus so keenly on our customer relationships.

Customer Experience initiatives

Over the next three years, Euronext Securities will introduce an array of Customer Experience initiatives, all centred around three primary objectives.

Improving efficiency by making it easier for customers to work with us.

Harmonising the Customer Experience providing a more flexible Customer Service model.

Cementing the partnership mindset while strengthening our customer service culture.

Olga Jordão
“We want our customers to experience a more partnership-based approach from us in all the CSDs. And they should have this experience across the entire value chain, in all of their interactions with us,”
  • Olga Jordão
  • CEO of Euronext Securities Porto and Head of CSD Client Services
  • Euronext

One Euronext Securities

For larger customers who do business with Euronext Securities in multiple markets, they will meet “One Euronext Securities”, regardless of where they access the organisation’s services. Our ultimate aim is that customers view us as a partner that helps them accomplish their business goals.

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