Dam tot Dam Weekend

Sounding of the gong marks start Dam tot Dam Weekend

Euronext listed ABN AMRO, Ahold Delhaize, and KLM, open trading together with ASICS and Le Champion, organizer of the Dam tot Dam Weekend, to mark the start of the ‘Dam tot Dam Weekend’ on 16 and 17 September. Frank van den Brink, Director Employee Experience at ABN AMRO, sounds the gong.

During the weekend 87,000 athletes will be in action in four different Dam tot Dam-events. Saturday 16 September, 16,000 hikers will join the ‘Dam tot Dam Wandeltocht’, later that day the ‘Damloop at night’ will take place having 15,000 participants running a track through Amsterdam. The following day, 6,000 cyclists arrive at Dam Square for the start of the ‘Dam tot Dam FietsClassic’. To finish the weekend, 50,000 runners start the ‘Dam tot Damloop’. In total 150,000 spectators are expected to join the events over the weekend. ABN AMRO, ASICS, Ahold Delhaize, and KLM are sponsoring the Dam tot Damloop, which is the largest running event in the Netherlands.

For more information: www.damloop.nl

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