The Dutch Payments and Exchange Company expands to Singapore

The Nederlandse Betaal en Wisselmaatschappij (NBWM/Dutch Payment and Exchange Company) sounds the gong for the opening of their officein Singapore 11 September. Miel van Blitterswijk will be at the head of NBWMs Asian and Pacific activities.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has officially approved the license for DPEC’s activities in Singapore. Miel van Blitterswijk: “Singapore is an important trade-hub between Asia and Western countries. Currently, Asian companies are being overcharged by their banks on their currency conversions. They get bad rates, high costs and an insufficient service. We will solve these problems for Asian companies who do business internationally from our Singapore office, just like we’re doing now in Amsterdam.”

NBWM will launch in Singapore under a new name. “Our current name is not the most suitable name for non-Dutch speakers, so we created a more international name: Clarency. It’s a compound of clarity and currency. This name perfectly represents what we do. The currency markets are open 24 hours per day. Having our office in Singapore, we’ll be operational in two timezones at the same time. This improves our service to both Asian and European clients.”

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