Listings - International Listing

Investors choose the Euronext platform because of its deep pool of liquidity and comprehensive product range. Euronext offers exceptional visibility within the financial community and global business leaders supported by a comprehensive suite of Euronext investor relations and capital markets intelligence tools and services.
In addition to a competitive pricing structure, state-of-the-art technology and a streamlined administration process, international companies that list on the European markets of Euronext benefit from:

  • Access to the largest equity market in Europe and the UK with a combined market capitalization of €3.3 trillion and over €6 billion of equity securities traded daily.
  • A large and diverse family of over 140 other international issuers across a wide variety of industries.
  • Trading of securities on our next-generation Universal Trading Platform, that connects and integrates all of our European markets and enables issuers to access a broad and deep investor base comprising UK, Eurozone, US and international investors.
  • A market where international and domestic issuers are treated equally and have equal opportunity to excel.
  • A secondary market accepted by banks, brokers and investors, with over half of the volumes executed by London-based and international market participants.
  • Trading in major international currencies including the dollar and euro.
  • A robust fully electronic clearing and settlement infrastructure leading to improved liquidity and market quality.
  • A continuing relationship with our listings team

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