Our Leadership Team

Ferdinando La Posta - Gatelab

Ferdinando La Posta, CEO

Antonio Caroselli - Gatelab

Antonio Caroselli, CTO

Ferdinando La Posta (CEO)

Ferdinando is a high-energy and curious-creative entrepreneur, with a M.Sc. in Computer Engineering from the University of Naples, Federico Secondo. He founded and served as the CEO of Gatelab, now part of Euronext, since its inception in early ’90, driving the company to be a leading provider of high frequency, low latency front-office infrastructure for trading and risk.

Passionate about technology and finance, his curious-creative soul, first born in Olivetti, California and Italy, and in Italtel R&D, Florida and Italy, and in Gatelab later on, still inspires him in this exciting fintech era.

Taking into great account diversity and inclusion, he can assemble and drive seemingly disparate talents into a cohesive, inspired and engaged team, capable to innovate in business and technology. Ferdinando enjoys painting and scuba-diving.

Antonio Caroselli (CTO)

Antonio has always embraced change as a way to foster innovation and offer a competitive edge to any business. With this vision he founded Gatelab with offices in Isernia (1989), Milan (2000) and eventually London (2008).

With over 35 years of expertise on advanced technologies ranging from artificial Intelligence to distributed data management, from hard real-time programming based on  SW/HW acceleration techniques to friendly user experience to solve complex problems, he delivered banking expert systems, customer segmentation services based on neural network, near-zero-latency algotrading platforms totally open to traders and super-fast matching engines for all asset classes.

Antonio holds a “summa cum laude” degree in electronics from the University of Rome La Sapienza. He worked for Oracle Italy and Unilever before establishing Gatelab, where he has been managing all major product lines and is currently serving as Chief Technical Officer. He loves music and archeology, the latter in a broad sense, from the origin of the people of Samnium, the region of ancient Italy where Gatelab was first established, to … The Beatles!