Euronext launches Trade & Leverage programme to increase investor access for European Tech SMEs

German, Italian, Spanish and Swiss newly listed Tech SMEs to benefit from investor access initiative in partnership with experienced European providers

Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Paris and Zurich – 1 February 2018 – Euronext, the leading pan-European exchange in the Eurozone, today announces the launch of its new sponsored investor access initiative called “Trade & Leverage”. This programme is designed as part of Euronext’s European Tech SME initiative, which was launched in September 2017 to assist tech companies in developing their business on a greater scale through capital markets.

The Trade & Leverage programme is dedicated to German, Italian, Spanish and Swiss tech companies newly listed on Euronext. Following their listing and over the course of two years, these companies will be eligible for investor relations services such as equity research, investor events and investor relations solutions. The seven providers, offering packages with prices negotiated by Euronext, have been selected for the quality of their service and their commitment to deliver attractive pricing to SMEs:

  • Baader Helvea (Germany/ Switzerland/ Austria)
  • CF&B Communication (France)
  • Edison (United Kingdom)
  • F2iC (France)
  • Invest Securities (France)
  • IR Top (Italy)
  • Sphene Capital (Germany/ Switzerland/ Austria)

These providers have great expertise and strong track records in assisting European Tech SMEs with their investor relations. Additionally, Euronext Corporate Services[1] will offer investor relations solutions and advisory services to these Tech SMEs. Companies eligible for the programme may choose to work with one or several of these partners.

Moreover, newly listed companies will be rewarded by Euronext when they invest in their investor relations via programme partners. Euronext will grant those issuers half of the revenue generated by the trading of their stocks[2].

Anthony Attia, Global Head of Listing of Euronext, said: “We want to contribute to a virtuous circle for European newly listed tech companies; the more these companies invest in their visibility towards investors, the more liquid their shares will be and the smoother their listing journey should be. With this initiative, we are willing to further assist them after their listing, in a post MiFID II equity research environment. We will continue to deploy new programmes for European Tech SMEs in the course of 2018.”

In 2017, Euronext opened new offices in four European countries outside its core markets, in Germany (Frankfurt, Munich), Italy (Milan), Spain (Madrid) and Switzerland (Zurich), to assist tech companies in developing their business on a greater scale through capital markets. Newly appointed teams on the ground are working closely with local ecosystems to deploy initiatives aimed towards tech entrepreneurs.

With more than 330 listed Tech SMEs representing a total market capitalisation close to €60 billion, and over 750 active tech investors, Euronext is the primary venue for innovative companies in Europe. Since 2014, close to 90 tech companies have gone public on Euronext markets, of which eight were from the four new countries in Europe.

Notes to Editors


[1] Euronext Corporate Services is a subsidiary of Euronext aiming at helping listed companies make the most effective use of financial markets by providing them with innovative solutions and tailor-made advisory services.

[2] The incentive provided by Euronext can reach up to €5,000. Details of the incentive can be found in the brochure dedicated to the Trade & Leverage programme via the link in the notes to editors.

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